Monday Link Love: Paris Hilton Promises Us A Good Time But It Is A Lie

Stephen Merchant, he of the British original version of “The Office” and the awesome lip-synch-off game, has a new series on HBO and you can watch the entire first episode on YouTube right now. Remember, kids, only the first taste is free. HBO is the cocaine dealer of your teevee.

The New Yorker tried to make Jonathan Franzen and Clay Shirky fight about the internet, but instead they were kinda nice to each other instead.

Paris Hilton has a song coming out tomorrow with Lil Wayne, and if the video teaser is any indication, it make Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” look like a fucking Fellini film by comparison:

Also, the verse from Lil Wayne might be the weakest thing that man has committed to tape.

Why not cleanse your palate with this new single from the Pixies? Except we all know that the Pixies really aren’t the Pixies without Kim Deal. But hey! New song!

The Onion AV Club has your definitive ginormous list of movies where real life family members play family members on the big screen.

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