Monday in the blurbs


Is Shirley skipping out on Community? Is Gillian Anderson returning to her spooky roots? Do we make a silly dirty joke about Austen’s Razor? All this and more in the blurbs…

  • Austen’s Razor is sadly not about female bodyscaping in pre-Victorian England but about the world’s foremost bioethicist, who gets called in to untangle the world’s most complex moral medical crises. Wait, that sounds even better. Good job, CBS, on greenlighting the pilot.
  • How did the artistic design of characters on your favorite 90s cartoons change between the first and last season? Buzzfeed takes a look in cool slidebar format.
  • Matthew Perry’s reboot of The Odd Couple for CBS just picked up Yvette Nicole Brown to play slob Oscar’s finicky assistant. You know Yvette as Shirley on Community, and you know Yahoo just picked up Community for a new season; how one show affects the other is anyone’s guess at this point.
  • When TV networks pay to use the names and likenesses of college sportsball players on their sports broadcasts and commercials and billboards and such, should said players be allowed a cut of the money? A federal judge says yes in a bombshell ruling.
  • A different federal judge ruled that a lawsuit against Major League Baseball for acting like an “illegal cartel” over out-of-market TV broadcast rights can move forward.

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