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Wizard of Oz

Shatner talks shit about The Next Generation… The Simpsons score huge ratings (by FXX standards)… and NBC says goodbye to the yellow brick road. All this and more in the blurbs…

  • NBC sobered up and killed its Game of Thrones knockoff featuring an adult Dorothy called back to a wartorn Oz. The network had committed to a 10-episode season of The Emerald City but pulled the plug before shooting began.


  • Are you long past tired of The Simpson? Of course you are. But turning stale TV into a nostalgic event paid off big time for FXX, which more than tripled its usual audience with the kickoff of an “every episode of The Simpsons ever” marathon. Much like the show itself, the marathon peaked early and kept running long after everyone stopped caring. It may even still be on today.


  • I love School House Rock as much as anyone else born in the late 1970s, but an entire primetime special on broadcast TV? Yeesh. It’s coming to ABC Sunday, Sept. 7. In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorites:
  • Is William Shatner so old that he’s forgotten which Star Trek he starred in? He’s put together a one-hour documentary on how hard it was to get Star Trek: The Next Generation on the air and how much the first two seasons sucked. William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge premieres tonight on HBO Canada.


  • Doctor Who’s new Doctor debuted in Britain to 6.79 million viewers and a big honkin’ 32.5 share. That’s a four year high. Reviews of the season premiere are excellent. Ratings for this side of the pond aren’t available just yet.


  • Nurse Jackie’s Nurse Jackie is getting a new BFF in Tony Shalhoub.


  • Paul Reubens’s next big adventure will be as a effete fix-it man on ABC’s The Black List. He’s currently shooting the guest villain role.

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