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Turns out Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons and Allison Janney and Cosmos are all things that no one really cares about… Al Gore wants his money… and four million is a lot of reasons to shut up. All this and more in the blurbs…

  • The Emmys no one cares about – which apparently includes guest actors you love, cartoons you quote endlessly, voiceover actors you adore, nonfiction shows you were obsessed with, variety shows that are American institutions, and a bunch of shitty reality TV — were handed out over the weekend. Wow, there are a lot of awesome awards mixed in there with “Best Use of a Sans Serif Font in an Opening Title Sequence, Comedy or Musical.” The Television Academy really needs to sort this shit out better.
  • Is Al Gore gonna have to choke a bitch? He’s says Al Jazeera America is holding out on him. Can’t play a veep like that, A-Jaz. Gore is demanding a recount of the money paid by Al Jazeera America to buy Current TV. He says tens of millions is missing. Al Jazeera America is all, “You gonna take us to court? How’s that usually work out for you, playa?” (At least, in my head they are.)
  • CBS is booting Craig Ferguson this December, but the snarky Scot is expected to land a new 30-minute talk show gig on WGN pretty much immediately thereafter. The new show will air weeknights at 7:30/6:30 as lead in to prime time.
  • The new Doctor is a getting a new companion. Jenna-Louise Coleman will exit Doctor Who after the annual Christmas special this year. She’ll be remembered fondly by those who remember her at all; her Clara was likeable but incredibly bland.
  • Undoubtedly moved by all the buzz they got from showing up in the blurbs last week, the cast of Downton Abbey is using the unwanted appearance of a modern plastic water bottle in a publicity shot as an opportunity to plug WaterAid, a charity that provides safe water to some of the world’s poorest communities. Good show.
  • Another HNTP follow-up: Salon now has  a defense of Guy Fieri to answer its previous tirade against him. Food Network can’t be too pleased with the turnaround, however, since both articles agree that the channel pretty much sucks these days.
  • And it seems David Gregory graciously agreed to step aside from Meet the Press in exchange for only $4 million. (He didn’t even hold out for a sandwich, what a sucker!)  At least that’s the word from Page Six of the New York Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch so I can’t think of any reason why they’d want to say bad things about NBC’s (former) political contributors unless they were true. Who knew there was that kind of money in not working?!

(Well, Sarah Palin, of course.)

(And Mitt Romney.)

(And Ann Romney.)

Anyone willing to pay to shut me up? HNTP isn’t MTP, and I’m not David  Gregory, so I suppose I’m willing to go quietly into that good night for the bargain price of $3.9 million. Here’s the donate button. Make it happen.

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