Moment By Moment (1978) (part 8 of 9)

In the next shot, it’s getting dark as Trish drives her Mercedes down Sunset Blvd. We see the world from Trish’s POV as she scans up and down the seedy underbelly of the big city, including a theater playing Jaws 2. Jaws 2! Wow, this place is rough! A funky “urban” number on the soundtrack highlights this culture shock with subtle flair.

Next, we see Naomi and Trish walking on the sidewalk as they pass by the obligatory adult bookstore. See, they’re two hoity-toity rich gals lost in a supposedly slummy area, therefore, they’re out of their element. Hence, komedy. QED. They turn and enter Strip’s run down apartment building/hotel. They go to a woman at the desk, who directs them towards a guy wearing an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt [?]. They ask him something, but we never hear it because this entire sequence is MOS and the music on the soundtrack is the only thing we hear.

By the way, the song currently playing on the soundtrack is “Strangered in the Night” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers [!]. Yes, a decent band actually contributed a song to this smoldering pile of excrement. Since this was a few years before they became well-known, I guess they were forgiven. Dan Hill, on the other hand, was immediately taken out back and shot.

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Multi-Part Article: Moment By Moment (1978)

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  • MomentByMoment

    I think “Moment by Moment” was a sweet movie, and anyone who doesn’t think so is being narrow-minded. So, most people can’t see what a cute young guy would see in an older Tomlin, huh? Well, I can. It’s not always about what people do or say that make others drawn to them, sometimes, it’s about instinct. He was instinctively drawn to her. I know it’s possible. I’m young, and have been instinctively drawn to a woman older, like Trish, who treats me like she treated him in the beginning. But, I really love her. And, I think that anyone who has fallen in love with someone out of their league can connect to this, and would be touched by it. I love this movie, b/cc eventually, Trish’s heart did melt for “Strip.” So, it shows that love can overcome differences and oddities.

    Now, why the two of them loved each-other is anyone’s guess, and one could argue that Strip may have had an ulterior motive. But, that would be reading too much into it, esp. as his character was written to be naive and relatively innocent. So, the viewer really isn’t meant to assume so much of him. And, while the birthday bit may seem silly, if you really think about it, it”s the littlest things that often mean the most in love relationships. In Strip’s case, I think the birthday thing was just one of many things about his family’s neglect that bothered him, as he referred to it as “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” So, that was just the one, most lighthearted point that he was willing to disclose. The point is that he was neglected and supposedly unloved as a kid, and felt unloved. The birthday was just the way he chose to understand and explain it. So, by Trish remembering his birthday, she proved that she really payed attention and cared. It was a small detail, but it made an impact on him, and that’s the point. Everyone is touched and affected by different things, in different ways. And, true love knows how to touch each person in the way that’s most meaningful to them (regardless of how insignificant it may appear to the rest of the world). So, again, by Trish remembering his birthday, she proved to him (not the rest of the world!) that she has true love.

    It’s a sweet movie, if you don’t watch it with such a “cold, cold heart!”

    • Queen-Carnivine

      This movie is not romantic or sweet. It’s about a young man stalking and bullying his way into a woman’s panties until she falls in lust with him. You yourself even point out that there’s no real reason they are attracted to each other in the first place. It’s not “narrow-minded” to say that a movie that’s trying to romanticize stalking and bullying has bad taste and very unfortunate implications. (And yes, this would be just as fucked up if the genders were reversed or if they were both the same gender.)

  • Stephenbrown2

    holy crap

    • Jett

      Okay. The ultimate straight female cougar fantasy of a jilted older woman who meets a sweet, needy young stud who talks about his feelings and wants love and isn’t afraid to cry… and it was written by a lesbian?! Well, maybe Neil Patrick Harris,s husband will write him a remake where he plays a businessman dumped by his trophy-wife who falls for a lonely ,needy, oversexed 18 year-old cheerleader named Candy.Anyway,I know Jane Wagner wrote this, and Lily was her girl so she had to be in it, but although I love Lily, she really doesn’t have the sex-appeal for this, and not because she’s primarily gay, but because she’s more of a a lovable buddy type than a lover. Ann-Margeret or Jacqueline Bisset or Lesley-Ann Warren or even Margot Kidder might have given this movie more sizzle and made it a hit,but not Candace Bergen, I don’t think. She had lost what little sex-appeal she had by 1979,and she’s so standoffish and icy she’d have humped young John Travolta and then tossed him out with yesterday’s wine bottle. Good goo ga joob Mrs. Robinson. Jane Wagner also should have written slightly better dialogue, but it’s still somewhat entertaining.
      Hardly the total disaster the critics said it was. A must-see for cougars, well the female kind, and Mrs. Robinson’s everywhere.

  • Monoceros4

    You know, I’m sure this actually is a bad movie, but…yeah, 90% of all commentary on “Moment by Moment” is on the order of, “A young guy and a middle-aged woman? GROSS! COOTIES!”

    • Jett

      Would they think it was gross of it was about an older man and a younger woman? Well actually, with the plague of political correctness overrunning our country and even France!!?today, now the woman in this movie would be cheered on as a cougar and this movie would be a smash hit but if it was about

  • Marleen

    The way you told this whole story was absolutely hilarious!! I was laughing my head off! I saw this
    movies so many years ago and wanted to watch it again-you really can’t watch it because nobody
    has the movie-so I started to read your whole synopsis I don’t want to see it again-I forgot how terrible it was! Thanks for the laugh. Marlene

  • Casey

    This recap is the funniest thing I have read in a long time…

  •  God I’ve seen this years ago and it was so fucking horrible. The funniest line in the movie was Tomlin telling Travolta “Let’s smoke some pot.” during the infamous Jacuzzi scene. This was one dog of a movie.

  • Herbie Underwood

    I saw them fil part of this movie on Malibu Pier, but have never been able to watch it. I could have been extra but did not have money to join SAG :(

  • Daveed_WoW

    The film’s chief virtue is Travolta’s wiggle. Damn! He just could not help himself but to be sexy! Tomlin gives such an understated performance she seems like she’s not conscious. A bad actor’s choice to be sure. It does not help that the film was made incompetently. Your description is spot on!