Moment By Moment (1978) (part 7 of 9)

We next find the two of them sitting near a sand castle on the beach. Gee, a sand castle, that’s not a cliché. Strip goes over some potential occupations, saying he always wanted to “paint billboards” on Sunset Boulevard. Actually, I think he’d do better working a corner on Sunset Boulevard.

In the background, Scamp is chasing Corky, then we see the two dogs fighting over what looks like an old pair of Strip’s jockey shorts. Strip looks at this tableau and it comes to him: He could be a veterinarian! Just one problem. “I can’t stand needles!” The two laugh it up while things find a way to become even more intolerable, as Dan Hill’s nauseating ballad “Sometimes When We Touch” is heard on the soundtrack. Strip confesses he’s tired of just “getting by” and Trish replies, “That’s what we all do… in one way or another.” (Wow!)

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Multi-Part Article: Moment By Moment (1978)

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