Moment By Moment (1978) (part 4 of 9)

Cue the cheesy sax as we cut to Trish rolling along in her Mercedes, looking very preoccupied, no doubt with Strip. Oh, God, why are you denying yourself, Trish? Go for it, girl! He’s so cute, and you’d be perfect for him! I just know it!

She cruises along, and who should she see on the side of the road but Strip himself, working on an old beat-up car. Trish makes a U-turn and gets out. She says, “Hi,” but Strip has learned the Icy Stare well. He just glares at her, then continues randomly moving around engine parts under the hood of the car.

Here we get another contender for Biggest Laugh-Out-Loud Moment when Trish asks, “Are you a member of the Automobile Club? [!!]” No, but he sure is a member of the Embarrassed Actors’ Club. Strip gives her the standard snide response and unsuccessfully tries to start the car. Strip says the car really belongs to his jailbird friend Greg, and that he was going to sell it to raise bail. Trish then offers to call AAA and get his car fixed. Ooh, there’s some product placement that AAA sure didn’t need.

Moment By Moment (1978) (part 4 of 9)

This ain’t Greased Lightning, that’s for sure.

Trish apologizes for what she said earlier, admitting that she is overly suspicious. Yep, just keep at it, Strip, a little while longer and you can melt that cold, cold heart! However, Strip instead tells her to leave him alone. No, don’t do that, Strip! You’re perfect for her! Can’t you see?

Trish refuses to leave, and asks him to have lunch with her while AAA fixes his car. Strip refuses at first, but in another icky mother-son moment, Trish orders him to get in her car and he obeys. Trish then asks, “How old are you?” [?] Strip just gives her the Big Doofus Grin, and we never find out the answer, because we then cut to Trish’s car pulling off. Of course, his answer should have been “old enough to know making this movie was a bad idea.”

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Multi-Part Article: Moment By Moment (1978)

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