Moment By Moment (1978) (part 2 of 9)

We then see Trish at her beach house, staring out at the crashing surf with a poodle in her arms. She hugs, caresses, and kisses the dog, obviously subconsciously wishing it was Strip and that he was three feet long and furry. Suddenly, Strip appears on the beach, calling out Trish’s name. He comes over and says he has something for her, all the while petting her poodle. He asks if the dog remembers him, and she responds icily, “I doubt it.” Hmm, a selective memory. Smart doggie.

She pulls the dog away and walks down to the sand. He follows right behind her, making some small talk and generally not taking a hint. She sits down on a blanket, and Strip plops down right next to her. After a few minutes, he finally asks her if she minds him being there. Trish says, “I was really enjoying being alone.” Well, hints don’t get quite as hint-y as this, do they? But never fear, Strip will soon melt her cold, cold heart!

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Multi-Part Article: Moment By Moment (1978)

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