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Mixtape: Happy Birthday Lyle Lovett

The inimitable Lyle Lovett turns 56 today, and we have mad love for him, even given his incomprehensibly, but apparently not unforgivable, sin of performing at not one but TWO George W. Bush inaugurations. In our heart of hearts, we tell ourselves he did that because he’s such a Texas homer, not because he loves Shrub. We also forgive him his brief marriage dalliance with Julia Roberts. Why do we cut Lyle so much slack?



Also this.

Also, too, this, because “LA County” is basically a Flannery O’Connor song in 3 minutes and definitely the best (?!) song about packing up your .45 and driving off to murder someone.

His appearance in Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” covers a multitude of sins.

And the hair. The hair is incomparable.

Mixtape: Happy Birthday Lyle Lovett

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