Mitt Romney Personality Chip Set To ‘Affable’ For Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Slow Jam The News’

So here is Mitt Romney playing straight man to Jimmy Fallon, making a generically pleasant call for an “end to all the partisan bickering in Washington” and plugging the Netflix documentary about Mitt Romney. There’s even a little “47%” joke in there. It’s not a bad performance for the Mittbot; he seems reasonably un-stiff, and the light load of comedic lifting is mostly handled by Jimmy Fallon and Questlove. And best of all, you can watch it right here, without having to experience the horror of reading political arguments in YouTube comments.


Can’t say that the “slow jam” bit has ever been a particular favorite — the premise is simple enough, and since there’s a big political name in the news-talking role, it’s written as nice mainstream late-night humor: designed to be generically funny while avoiding any strong satirical bite — ha ha, there’s a joke about Justin Bieber driving. It’s silly and not much more, and Mitt got through it just fine. For comparison purposes, here’s Barack Obama doing a similar bit, making a pitch for student loan reform when Fallon recorded Late Night at the University of North Carolina:

Best part of that Obama slow jam? The fact that he does the most dad-like version of the mic drop ever, holding it at hip level and then quickly bending down for the drop so the mic travels two feet, tops. Such a thug.

But hey — for whatever political figure gets invited, the main goal is simply to get through it without fumbling your lines or looking too wooden, and as long as you don’t fail miserably, you get to prove that you’re a good sport. (Mitt 2016! The comeback begins now!)

Ohhh yeah.

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