Mitt Romney Gets His Deney Terrio On Like Nobody’s Business

Obviously we’re no fans of Mitt Romney here, but we sort of admire his pluck, his willingness to try to force his robotic exterior into human-like behavior, like trying to be down with the kids by quoting their hippity hop songs. A few days ago, he had a dancing module added so he could show off his fly moves.


Mitt Romney’s Rockin’ Dance Party USA moment happened at a Mormon conference for the youth, because the youth love sixty-something adults working it out with a song that was popular two summers ago.

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney attended a regional conference for young single adults in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The conference was held at Arizona State University on Jan. 11 and featured other prominent Latter-day Saints, including Thurl Bailey and Vai Sikahema.

Romney spoke about obstacles and how success can only come from loving God and his children. But what many in attendance are sure to remember is what happened later that night during a concert put on by Mormon artist Alex Boye.

As shown in a YouTube video, at one point in the concert Romney joined Boye on stage, and the singer began to instruct Romney on a dance move. According to Boye, he was teaching Romney the “Gangnam Dance.”

Just for your own reference, here is the actual “Gangnam Style” video by Psy so you can see that they’re still working out the programming bugs in ol’ Mitt’s add-on applications.

Also, we’re not sure if anyone who planned this little Dance Party USA was aware that there was already a Mitt Romney Gangnam Style parody dance video (not, mind you, sanctioned by Mitt) from back during the 2012 campaign.

Normally we wouldn’t have much to say about this whole So You Think You Can Mormon Dance thing except “har har Mitt Romney still can’t dance” but that is really a self evident fact. Turns out, however, that we’ve covered Mr. Romney’s dance partner on a past occasion here at Happy. Alex Boye made a special black person guest appearance in the otherwise so-white-it-hurts slut-shaming — AHEM — virtue-encouraging video, “Virtue Makes You Beautiful,” a parody of One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” Ahh, memories.

See, they do NOT like our short skirts. Oh no. And they do NOT like our low-cut shirts. Oh oh oh. And they definitely don’t like that one thing some of us can do with our ankles behind our heads. (Okay, that’s not in the song, I’m just guessing here.)

No, these boys respect us SOOOOOOOOO much that they would like us to sit down and shut up and listen to what they are singing at us — because nothing says “I respect you, woman” like telling women they “must” believe what they’re being told — that you need to stop dressing all whore-y. See, “Girls with integrity are hard to find these days.”

Let’s remind ourselves how great this video was. It’s really the “Thriller” of its day.

Man, those are some bad-dancing white boys being led around by Alex Boye, aka The Black Mormon Guy That Sings And Dances And Occasionally Does So With Mitt Romney. In fact, come to think of it, those youthful-ish Mormon types sing and dance about as well as Mittens, so maybe it is something in the water in Utah? Or maybe they all just need to upgrade to Cool Youth Dancing version 0.7. That thing is DEFINITELY still in beta.


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