Mitchell (1975) (part 6 of 8)

At Deaney’s house, Mitchell is greeted by a servant in a stereotypical French maid outfit. Mitchell leers after her for a bit (did you expect anything less?) before Deaney greets him and brings him into the living room. Here we get the closest thing Mitchell has to a Nut-O-Fun™, which is an enormous pile of wrapped presents under a miniature Christmas tree. Naturally, this looks pretty goofy seeing that this is the house of our alleged main villain.

Actually, come to think of it, at this point it seems that Cummings is now Mitchell’s main adversary while Deaney is just someone in the way. When did that happen? Deaney instantly cops to hiring Greta to keep Mitchell quiet, then laments what it’s costing him (a hundred bucks an hour, which is not even close to being worth what she has to do for it). If that’s the case, then next time he might want to actually let Mitchell know what he wants him to do before giving him a bribe.

Mitchell says, “As far as I’m concerned, she is just some broad looking to get laid!” to which Deaney responds, “You wanna see the receipts?” Hey, it’s a good thing he saved those. She is tax-deductible, after all.

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Ryan Lohner

Ryan lives in Sparta, New Jersey, a quaint little burg without much for kids to do except go to the movies. Thus began a lifelong love affair, as even back then he grew to love examining why a film worked, or didn't. He is a member of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, and currently studying for a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science. His hobbies include running, piano, and annoying people with that damn lowercase forum user name.

Multi-Part Article: Mitchell (1975)

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