Mister T “The Playtown Mystery” (part 3 of 5)

Mayor Cokenstein shows up with park security (holding a ridiculously small umbrella, I might add), and incoherently begins to make some sort of statement. Unfortunately, she slips and falls down the hill. Mister T gets a priceless look on his face as the coked-out mayor slams into him, sending them both into the water. They surface, and she turns to him with this gem.

Mayor Cokenstein: I hope your vest is wash and wear!

Caption contributed by Ed

I can’t think of a joke here that isn’t completely wrong on all conceivable levels.

Yes, but what will you do about the contact high he probably got just from being near you? To say nothing of the emotional trauma caused by seeing your fat ass coming right at him. Man’s gonna have some real fucked up nightmares after this, I tell you!

Caption contributed by Ed

”God, this your way of getting even with me for Penitentiary II. Isn’t it?”

T echoes my thoughts with the look on his face.

Robin asks Spike what happened, while looming over him like it’s a scene from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Naturally (since it was telegraphed in the opening), Spike can’t get anyone to believe him, because otherwise the episode would be over and the obvious moral would not get rammed down our throats.

Mayor Cokenstein points out Marvin and Dingy over by the frontier area, which proves nothing, since it has to be at least a few minutes since Spike’s encounter with them, to say nothing of the fact that the guys were in a car. To be fair though, this is a woman high off her ass, so we probably shouldn’t expect brilliant deductive reasoning from her. Especially with the flying dwarves she’s no doubt hallucinating during all of this.

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Multi-Part Article: Mister T "The Playtown Mystery"

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