Mister T “Mystery of the Mind Thieves” (part 4 of 5)

Having achieved a state of total silence on the street, as well as within my own mind, Mr. T strolls on over to Dr. Harper. He’s laid out on the sidewalk with Robin and Kim attending to him. And here, Kim is now wearing her red gymnastics outfit, whereas not more than one minute ago she was in the same white jacket and jeans as everyone else. “I’m no nurse,” Robin says. “But I think he’ll be okay!” And if you’re no nurse, what would you base that on, exactly?

Mister T "Mystery of the Mind Thieves" (part 4 of 5)

“I pity dudes who get old!”

Anyway, the addled old coot wakes up and doesn’t know how he got there, and the last thing he remembers is being in his hotel room. This prompts Kim to inform Mr. T that Daddy Nakamura had the same odd memory lapse. Which just means they’re both alcoholics. And possibly enabling one another.

Mr. T, however, puts it all together and says that Daddy isn’t mad at Kim, after all. Robin pipes up. “Right! I think somebody’s fooling with these scientists’ minds! And erasing parts of their memory! [sic]” Well, of course. Duh. It would only follow, right?

Kim exclaims, “I never thought of that!” Yeah, and it was so obvious, too. You big dummy. Mr. T picks up Dr. Harper and shouts, “Course you didn’t! You were too wrapped up in how your feelin’s was hurt!” Yeah, Kim, how self-centered can you be not to notice totally obvious mind control and memory erasure?

Mister T "Mystery of the Mind Thieves" (part 4 of 5)

“I think he’s disoriented by my cameltoe!”

“Your dad’s in trouble, Kim,” T says as they all run off. “You gotta think of him first, not how that trouble affects you!” Hey, I think we just learned something. That’s not fair. Nobody told me this would be a learning experience. I was promised no learning!

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Multi-Part Article: Mister T "Mystery of the Mind Thieves"

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