Mister T “Mystery of the Mind Thieves” (part 3 of 5)

Anyway, cut to the Magic Bus parked underneath the Space Needle. I don’t know, can you really park right in front of the Space Needle like that? Pan up the Needle and cut to the restaurant inside where, surprise, surprise, the gang has to deal with yet another Snooty Maitre-De with a thin mustache. Going solely by this series, it appears that 50% to 75% of Mr. T’s time each day is spent dealing with maitre-des. This one says he can’t find their “guest passes”, then holds out his hand for some money [!]. I wonder, did he do this to all the Pantronics employees? Robin tells Jeff that the guy wants “a tip”. Jeff yells, “Here’s a tip for ya! Try looking under T!”

Mister T "Mystery of the Mind Thieves" (part 3 of 5)

“Dammit! We already spent all our money bribing the hostess at Chili’s!”

Mr. T steps forward. “Yeah, T! As in trials! Tribulations! And trouble! Which is what you gonna get, if you don’t find that pass!” The guy nearly wets his pants, and instantly finds their pass. So when in doubt, kids, always threaten violence to get your way! And if your threats contain alliteration, all the better! Jeff says, “Just goes to show ya! When in doubt, turn on the charm!” Oh, okay. Blatant physical intimidation is now considered “charm”. Gotcha.

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Multi-Part Article: Mister T "Mystery of the Mind Thieves"

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