Mister T “Mystery of the Golden Medallion” (part 5 of 6)

Cut to a restaurant with the words “L Aventure Continental Cuisine” painted in the window. Note the lack of an apostrophe between “L” and “Aventure”. Maybe it’s a restaurant for people craving an adventure that involves the letter L. The Big Bus pulls up and Woody disembarks with the dog [?], expositing that this is the last address on the list. Mr. T tells him to scope the place out while he and Mrs. Kravitz “find a parking place.” [!] ‘Cuz I pity the fool who uses a valet!

Mr. T turns to Mrs. Kravitz and growls, “Drive!” Kravitz immediately rebukes him. “Not until you say please!” [!!] A defeated Mr. T growls, “Pleeeeease.” Hmm. I think the two of them are having an affair. You have to admit, that’s the only possible way anyone besides his momma could wield enough power over Mr. T to get him to behave.

Mister T "Mystery of the Golden Medallion" (part 5 of 6)

Can’t you feel the simmering sexual tension?

Woody heads into the restaurant, and naturally, he runs into a Snooty Maitre-De as soon as he steps inside. Violins are heard as Snooty Maitre-De says they’re closed for a private party. I guess Snooty Maitre-De just can’t get enough of being snooty, because he adds that a jacket and tie are required, and dogs aren’t permitted at all. The dog starts full on barking at him. After a while, the dog stops barking and turns to the door to indicate that… Mr. T has arrived! They found a parking spot! Yes!

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Multi-Part Article: Mister T "Mystery of the Golden Medallion"

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