Mister T “Mystery of the Golden Medallion” (part 1 of 6)

Summary: In this, the pilot episode of Mr. T’s cartoon series, a new kid joins his gymanstics team. The other gymnasts take occasional breaks from ostracizing him from their Cool Kid World to solve a mystery where crooks are stealing—and then smashing—golden medallions. (Hence, the title.) Meanwhile, Mr. T puts on his Mr. T clothes and stands in his Mr. T spot and does his Mr. T thing, being all fake-mean and fake-threatening like we’ve come to expect, and tossing off tough-guy quips that become instant classics, each and every one.

Of all the celebrities that have become cooler in retrospect (William Shatner, Pee Wee Herman, Martha Stewart, etc.), the coolest of them all has got to be Mr. T. You can’t deny it; Just look at all the various pages on various websites devoted to the character—er, I mean, to the guy (it’s easy to get confused sometimes): There’s Mr. T vs. Everything, Mr. T Ate My Balls, the T’inator, not to mention obsessive Mr. T behavior from sites like Sean Baby, X-Entertainment, and Inzenity. (No links, because all those sites are pretty easy to find if you’re so inclined. And at this particular moment, I’m not inclined.)

Of course, the Agony Booth is no exception, because a couple of years ago I recapped his 1984 “inspirational” video Be Somebody …Or Be Somebody’s Fool. At the time, it was mostly an experiment for me, seeing if I could recap something that wasn’t a movie (I mean, something besides Night of Horror). But the response was overwhelming, and Be Somebody is still one of my most liked (and most visited) recaps. So, I figured, why not continue this site’s relationship with Mr. T with an entire section devoted to his 1980s animated series Mister T? What can I say? Page hits are like crack cocaine to me. Anyhow, this makes Mr. T this site’s latest Repeat Offender.

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Multi-Part Article: Mister T "Mystery of the Golden Medallion"

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