Mister T “Cape Kennedy Caper” (part 6 of 7)

Inside the space shuttle, Robin is using her flash to illuminate the room in tenth of a second intervals. Because it’s completely dark in the space shuttle. Whatever was keeping the light out of the darkroom, NASA seems to have employed the same technology to the windows of the orbiter. By the way, Steven Wright had this problem. He went to make a sandwich and took 60 pictures of his kitchen.

It should also be pointed out that Robin is shown standing on the floor. Of course, to the extent that the room has an orientation, she should be shown standing on the wall. How is it possible to be able to read and not know that?

It’s not clear what Robin is thinking, but luckily, she’s taken to announcing her thoughts. “There’s the hatch,” she tells nobody, “Now, if I can only open it before takeoff!” 15 minutes, one door, and Robin. My money’s on the door.

Caption contributed by Jordon

Could you open this door in fifteen minutes? Let me rephrase that: Are you awake and do you have at least one arm?

It is at this point that the episode lets go of its admittedly tenuous grip on reality, and takes off for parts unknown. Wherever Mickey Rourke went between Barfly and The Wrestler, wherever conservative radio hosts live, wherever those people at Jimmy Buffet concerts go when there isn’t a Jimmy Buffet concert—that’s where this episode is about to tread. Just remember, I warned you.

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Multi-Part Article: Mister T "Cape Kennedy Caper"

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