Mister T “Cape Kennedy Caper” (part 4 of 7)

The team is back in the tram. The last time we saw them, they had no particular destination in mind. So I presume they’re just driving aimlessly, and doing donuts on the tarmac.

Caption contributed by Jordon

Take Your Shuttle To Work Day proved to be a resounding success.

As they drive, they pass a shuttle on a crawler. That can’t be the same shuttle that’s about to take off, because we already saw that one mated to the gantry. They also pass another shuttle just sitting on the taxiway. I assume there are another eight or nine space shuttles just out of view. Yamato and Lexington were space shuttles, weren’t they?

Brace yourselves for the next bit of dialogue. It is an extraordinary mélange of factual errors, logical fallacies, unsubstantiated guesses, and non-sequitors unlike anything I‘ve ever seen before. Well, maybe I’ve seen something similar in Southland Tales. And the Patriot Act. Seriously, what do my library books have to do with terrorists?

Anyway, good luck living through this:

Robin: Dozer doesn’t run off just like that.
Kim: He could have chased after the guy in the g-force chamber. Remember how he kept growling at him?
Jeff: Or, he could have gone after the person who took your camera, Robin.
Woody: Have you considered that whoever took Robin’s camera has probably already used it to take a picture?
Robin: Which means they would have to develop the film!
Kim: And I know where. There’s a lab inside one of the compounds. I remember it from our tour.
Mr. T: I would have been surprised if there wasn’t one around.

I just… I’m just… I have nothing. That conversation smothered my soul. Whatever I was before is gone forever. Can a children’s show induce PTSD?

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Multi-Part Article: Mister T "Cape Kennedy Caper"

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