Minority Report “The Present”

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Previously on Minority Report: …Wait a minute, this episode has no “previously on” clips. How the heck am I supposed to know what happened previously?

Well, this is it. This is the final episode of Minority Report… that I’ll be recapping until I move on to another show. Though with its CW-like ratings, I’m sure the actual final episode of this show will be airing soon. And naturally, with cancellation all but assured, the latest couple of episodes have finally shown an uptick in quality. Unfortunately, this show still can’t seem to muster up the energy to be anything more than inoffensively mediocre.


Our episode begins with a flashback to the Sprawl in 2048, with a caption telling us it’s “eight months before Precrime”. It’s a rainy night as we see a cop walking the beat, and whistling while he works, and a conspicuous zoom-in shows he’s wearing a name tag that says “Vega”, so he’s presumably our main detective’s father, who we previously learned was killed when she was young.

He pulls out a pocket watch that will be significant later, then hears a noise and goes to investigate, and ends up with a gun pointed in his face. Shots ring out and Vega’s dad is killed, and then a menacing guy in a hoodie walks away, but of course, this show being what it is, we know Hoodie Guy will almost certainly not turn out to be the killer.

Minority Report "The Present"

Put out an APB on Rob Zombie.

And along with the previouslies, they’ve also cut out the opening credits this week, so there’s no introductory spiel from Vega explaining the premise of the show. Have they completely given up on getting new viewers up to speed, or are they just trying to squeeze in more commercials to make up for the awful ratings? I’m guessing it’s a bit of both.

Cut to present day. Agatha is appearing in Arthur’s apartment via holo-phone, and she shows off the government’s plans for “a new containment system” that her late friend Charlie stole in the previous episode. She’s certain that the “Defense Intelligence Agency” wants to take the precogs back so they can stick them into this new and improved milk bath and predict national security threats, not just local D.C. murders. And she reiterates that according to her vision, Vega will be the one to “betray” them.

Cut to morning at Vega’s house, and her mom has dropped by unexpectedly because it’s Vega’s birthday, but Vega wants to avoid the whole topic. Unfortunately, as soon as she gets to work, Dash is right there to wish her a happy birthday and give her a freakishly huge bouquet of flowers.

Minority Report "The Present"

A lifetime supply of ugly corsages! Just what I wanted!”

Later on, Akeela explains to Dash why Vega isn’t feeling the whole birthday thing: she and her father share the same birthday, and today only reminds her of how he was killed 17 years ago. Vega ruefully notes how Precrime was up and running just a few months later, and if only they had started sooner, they might have prevented her father’s murder. That’s when Dash reveals that actually, Precrime was in beta testing for a year before they officially began preventing crimes, so it’s likely that he and the other precogs had a vision of her father’s murder.

Before they can discuss this further, Lt. Blake comes along to introduce Henry Blomfeld, Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and you know this guy is up to no good because he’s played by Reed Diamond, who was Daniel Whitehall on the last season of Agents of SHIELD. Blomfeld is particularly impressed with how many homicides Vega has been preventing under the new Hawkeye program. He invites her to meet with him down at the DIA, but Vega looks over his shoulder and sees that Dash’s early warning smartwatch is going off, so she excuses herself.

Minority Report "The Present"

“Hail… uh… Hawkeye?”

And now we’re back again at Wally’s place, seeing Dash’s vision on the wall and collecting all the clues. There’s some sort of spinning arrow/globe logo, a gun being fired, someone falling into a coffee table, and blood on a Washington Redclouds jersey. Vega notices that it’s a vintage 2019 jersey, which is the year the team changed their name (which is an… optimistic prediction), and a jersey like this is almost impossible to find these days.

Before they go check out this lead, Vega asks Wally about the year that Precrime was in beta testing, and Wally talks about how it was a year of verifying the precogs’ visions and not being legally allowed to stop any murders before they happened. “Worst year of my life.” Vega wonders if recordings of those visions still exist, but Wally tells her it’s highly unlikely.

Dash and Vega head back to the station and ask Akeela to look into who purchased a 2019 Redclouds jersey lately. Akeela calls this “very funny”, and talks about how trying to keep a “birthday surprise” is now impossible with a precog around. They’re confused until Akeela reveals she actually bought Vega a vintage 2019 Redclouds jersey for her birthday. This means, of course, that Vega is this week’s murder victim.

Minority Report "The Present"

I love this jersey so much, I could just die!

Dash tells her to “burn that jersey” as he goes to see Arthur, who’s his usual dismissive self. So Dash punches him in the face (the hell?) and says he’s “not in the mood for glib today!” Arthur already knows Vega is going to be killed, but refuses to help. He shows off the schematics for the new containment system, and he’s in agreement with Agatha that Vega will be the one to sell them out to the government. And actually, this means that Dash’s vision of Vega being murdered contradicts Agatha’s vision, which would make for an interesting plot development in that (just like in the movie) they’re seeing different versions of the future, but nobody mentions this.

At the station, we get a rare funny moment where Akeela is racked with guilt over buying that jersey. “I got you a death shirt for your birthday!” They get back to the case, and analyze that globe/arrow logo, and Akeela knows it’s the logo for “Revive”, an “inmate rehabilitation” program headed by a woman named Dana Winter.

Akeela pulls up all the inmates in the Revive program, and they eventually pinpoint a “Sprawl gang leader” who was once arrested by Vega, and there’s body-cam footage of Vega taking the guy down with a judo arm lock. They assume he’s the future murderer and Vega wants to go confront him, but Dash suggests that going to see him might be “what gets you killed!” But Vega’s not worried, because the guy’s in prison surrounded by guards, and she already took him down once.

And then Dash makes a point of saying he’s been trying hard to remember his vision of her father’s murder. And… he doesn’t remember it at all. Well, that was helpful.

Down at Revive, they get the grand tour from Dana Winter, who shows them that the inmates are being put to good use as… customer service representatives, answering calls on large video screens.

Minority Report "The Present"

Yeah, that’s kind of who I figured I was talking to whenever I call Time Warner.

Also, Winter reveals that here at Revive, they have glass cases full of reminders of “past victims” and “past crimes”. This ends up being the most bonkers aspect of this episode, in that a prison appears to be displaying random objects from crime scenes that should probably be in an evidence locker somewhere.

Minority Report "The Present"

“And over there, we have a couple of severed fingers…”

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…And that’s about it for me and Minority Report: The Series, folks. So come back to the Agony Booth next week, when I begin recapping a totally different, and hopefully much more interesting show that I’m fairly confident won’t be doomed from day one.

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