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Previously on Minority Report: Vega got Dash a job as her civilian partner, and even revealed Dash’s secret to Akeela. Wally gave Dash a smartwatch that will alert him whenever he’s about to have one of his visions of a future murder. Meanwhile, Agatha forcibly “recruited” an embezzler named Charlie to learn more about the government’s plans to put the precogs back in the milk bath.

Well, those who have been following this show have probably already heard the news that Fox has reduced its episode order from 13 down to 10, which is bad news for Minority Report no matter which way you spin it. The only real question now is whether Fox will actually air all ten of those episodes, or pull the plug sooner than that. Either way, I don’t think many will be surprised (or disappointed) to learn that I won’t be continuing these recaps for much longer. But on the positive side, I’ve already decided which show I’ll be recapping next, and I’ll be starting on those recaps within the next couple of weeks. Watch this space!


Ironically, this week’s episode, “Fredi”, is probably the show’s best so far, in that it contains a few moments of actual emotion and drama. Unfortunately, they aren’t enough to salvage an episode that turns out to be yet another bland, paint-by-numbers murder mystery. What’s weird is that this episode even features a slightly novel twist, but almost nothing is made of it; I didn’t even notice there was a twist until I watched it a second time.

The episode begins at Arthur’s place, where a shirtless Arthur is making out with a random woman in her underwear and shoving his face between her boobs. Anything to keep people from immediately tuning out after Gotham, I guess. But they get interrupted by a visitor at the door, and it’s Dash. Arthur lets him in as he tells the woman, “Sorry, Anoushka. Apparently it’s always brother time these days.” And I’d say that just about sums up the series as a whole.

Minority Report "Fredi"

“Dammit, Arthur, these things aren’t gonna motorboat themselves!”

Dash is here to talk some more about Agatha’s vision, where she sees Vega being involved when the precogs get put back in the milk bath. He wants to tell Vega, but Arthur warns him against this, because she might be the one who “sells us out”. What’s more, Arthur won’t be helping out Vega anymore, because he fears that doing so might be sealing their own fate.

After the opening credits, we’re at Metro PD headquarters, where Lt. Blake addresses all the new civilian Hawkeye analysts, telling them tomorrow they “officially hit the streets”. So I guess when Dash helped Vega stop a murder in the previous episode, that was an off-the-clock thing?

Akeela comes up to Dash and Vega and admires Dash’s “vintage ‘48” watch, but he blurts out that the watch is actually a device that warns him when he’s about to see a murder. Vega cuts him off, since this is obviously TMI, but at least it gives us more exposition about the watch.

Minority Report "Fredi"

“Siri, when is my next debilitating seizure-like vision of the future?”

And then Vega is about to clock out and go home, but Dash’s watch goes off, prompting Vega to turn serious and say, “You need to go to the bathroom.” Is this a watch that warns him about a future murder or a watch that warns him about a future case of the squirts? Because let’s face it, both of those would be equally useful.

Meanwhile, on the (surprisingly densely populated) remote island, Agatha and Charlie are meeting up in a diner. She’s a got a package with instructions for him, and she’ll give him his embezzled money back when he finishes the job. Charlie suggests he might kill her instead, but Agatha spooks him by predicting ahead of time that the local sheriff is about to walk in and order a meal, which of course comes true. She warns him that she’ll always be “a step ahead” of him, so Charlie takes the package and leaves to do her bidding.

Minority Report "Fredi"

Yep, definitely a witch.

Cut to Wally’s place, as we once again see Dash’s latest murder vision projected on the wall. There’s a dog, a gun, a statue getting splattered with blood, and a bloody bracelet flying off a woman’s arm. Akeela shows up, and Wally freaks out, and Vega’s all, “Wally, I told you Akeela was joining the team!” The team? What are they, the Preemptive Justice League?

Wally somehow knows all about Akeela’s life and background, and wonders how a “Sprawl punk who tattooed her face to fool facial recognition cameras” ended up as a cop. And thanks to that clunky line of exposition, we now know the secret origin of Akeela’s face paint. I mean, “tattoo”.

Vega brings the discussion back to the future murder, and Wally is able to identify the breed of dog in the vision as a “Czechoslovakian vlcak”, and Akeela instantly has a list of everyone in the city who owns one. Among them is a guy named Cayman Bello, and Vega asks, “Cayman Bello? Of the Bello family?” Well, that would only follow, I think. It’d be a bit strange if he were Cayman Bello of the Lipchitz family.

But of course, Cayman Bello comes from a wealthy/powerful family, and his mother was a senator, and now Cayman is one of “D.C.’s top philanthropists”. They pull up a picture of him, and it seems he’s the murderer. They can’t see the victim’s face, so Vega once again says they need to go see Arthur, but things shockingly deviate from the formula when Dash says he can’t do that, and pretends that Arthur is “out of town”.

Instead, they’ll have to go scope out Cayman Bello in person. And they’re in luck, because he’s throwing some kind of charity function tomorrow, and Akeela is able to use her techie genius skills to get Dash and Vega on the guest list.

Vega and Dash go to the charity function and split up, and Dash checks out a statue and pulls out his sketchbook to see if it matches the statue in his vision. He gets approached by a dark-haired woman who asks if he’s an artist. They have an instant connection, and she introduces herself as Fredi Kincaid, and says she works for Cayman Bello’s foundation. They shake hands, and she’s wearing the bracelet from Dash’s vision, so she must be the murder victim.

Minority Report "Fredi"

Cayman walks past and complains about the music, wanting Fredi to put on “something from this century”. And the song currently playing is “Alison” by Elvis Costello, which will unfortunately be a recurring motif here. Vega overhears Cayman and says to Dash, “Okay, so he hates good music. Noted.” Sorry, but people who listen to Iggy Azalea should not be throwing stones.

The next day at the police station, Vega, Dash, and Akeela talk about doing surveillance on Fredi, but Dash wants to go in alone, and “go undercover” to keep an eye on her. Vega thinks Dash is doing this specifically because he wants to ask Fredi out on a date, and yet both she and Akeela seem totally fine with this, and they decide to hook Dash up with a “wire”.

After a shot of a building with “Bello Group” signage, we find Dash in the lobby on his undercover assignment. He’s been given his own pair of high-tech contact lenses, and he’s overwhelmed by all the information streaming into his eyeballs until Akeela and Vega, who are monitoring the video feed coming from those lenses, tell him how to shut it off.

Dash then sees Fredi in the lobby and approaches her and asks her out, wondering if she’s free tomorrow “for meals… or beverages!” Fredi finds his awkward demeanor charming, and invites him to accompany her to a barbecue at Cayman’s house.

Minority Report "Fredi"

I’m also into sport! Are you into sport?”

Meanwhile, Charlie is having a meeting with Arthur. He explains Agatha sent him here to procure a new identity with a “high security clearance”, and he’s hoping for the “family discount”. He dumps a load of cash on the table, and Arthur agrees to help. And since it’s the future, this scene also reveals that Barack Obama will one day be on the 500 dollar bill.

Minority Report "Fredi"

First he took away McKinley’s mountain, and now this!?

At Cayman’s house, Fredi introduces Dash to Cayman and his friend Whitman Cho, who derisively refers to Dash as Fredi’s “intern”. Vega, listening in, goes, “Whitman’s a dick.” Huh, I didn’t know you could call somebody a “dick” on primetime broadcast TV these days. Or maybe you can’t, and given this show’s ratings, nobody actually noticed.

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