VIDEO: Why are the minions so popular?

Joey has a question to ask, while drinking from his minion coffee mug and wearing a vintage minion t-shirt.

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  • Thomas Stockel

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t get the minions’ popularity. Part of the reason why they are so popular is the color. If I recall from Cecil’s movie poster editorial the colors of teal and orange are used together because they complement one another. Are yellow and blue so far behind that? Could the color combination be unconsciously appealing?

    • Joseph Patrick

      That’s true. They’re both primary colors, just not on the other side of the color wheel. It could also play a role in it.

  • jbwarner86

    I tell you, when Despicable Me came out, everyone on the planet was going on and on about how it was the greatest animated movie in years, on par with the best of Disney and Pixar and all that, and when I watched it, my reaction basically amounted to “Meh.” There’s no way this is as good as a Pixar movie. Pixar movies actually have stories.

    You can’t fill a movie to the brim with goofy cartoon slapstick and characters who are all colossal idiots and a totally insane plot about actually stealing the goddamn moon and then try to cram an emotional core in there. But I feel like they didn’t really care about having a story that flowed naturally, because hey, we’ve got these eighty million anthropomorphic Twinkie dudes running around acting goofy, and maybe if we just have them do wacky shit every two minutes, it’ll be enough to make the audience forget that the rest of the movie makes no sense. Everything this movie does comes off as horribly forced. I tried so hard to like it, but I just couldn’t do it.

    • Thomas Stockel

      I thought Despicable Me was all right. I didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. When I saw it on ABC Family I felt like I didn’t waste two hours, but I do think I would have been annoyed if I had blown five bucks onit. I sure as heck didn’t think it merited a sequel.

      So yeah, it was full of “meh” for me as well.

  • TheCrazyFish

    Are they really that popular? I mean, maybe I’m just out of touch. I know there’s a lot of merchandise, but it strikes me as being sort of like the California Raisins: they flood the market with this crap but very few people actually like it.