VIDEO: Mickey and the Beanstalk (1947)

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Seeing Bryan Singer’s Jack and the Giant Slayer inspires Joey to watch a much better adaptation of the Jack and the Beanstalk story, namely, this Mickey Mouse short that was originally released as part of the film Fun and Fancy Free, and would be the last time Walt Disney would ever voice Mickey Mouse. 

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  • Thomas Stockel

    Man, it must be twenty years or more since I saw this short…

    • Wow! You can find both cuts in youtube. You may as well watch all of “Fun and Fancy Free.” I love how early disney films were more or less anthologies of short films like “Make Mine Music,” and “The Three Caballeros” (though this one did have somewhat of a narrative).

      • Misty

        They did package films almost exclusively in the 40’s because of WWII. During the war they had a contract to produce shorts to raise the morale of soldier and to convince the public that it was a good idea. Afterwards they just didn’t have the resources to make a full-length movie right away. Or something like that.

    • edharris1178

      Probably even longer for me, I think Reagan was in office last time I saw this.

  • Sofie Liv

    Oh I had this on recorded VHS, Danish dub, the Fun and Fancy free version, together with Bongo the bear. I loved these cartoons when I was a kid, it’s been a while though.

    And I never ever knew what that Fun and Fancy free stuff was, who those people were, what the deal was with the dolls, it’s certainly not some-thing that’s a thing here in Denmark, so well.. I mostly just skipped that stuff to get to the cartoond.

    • It’s hard to get a version without the narration done. The way it’s edited into the actual cartoon makes it impossible not to have a host. The version with Ludwig Von Drake still has the little girl screaming when Mickey is caught by the giant. Before seeing Fun and Fancy Free, it confused me as a kid!

  • Misty

    I’ve seen both versions, but the Fun and Fancy Free version is definitely better just because the live-action bits were intended to tie into the animation. But I guess they just figured you needed all of Fun and Fancy Free to “get” it, even though I remember the plot of the live-action scenes was extremely limited.

    On that note, this is definitely the better of the two shorts in Fun and Fancy Free. I could just never get into Bongo as a kid, or even now as an adult. But maybe I’m biased because I really liked the classic Mickey, Donald, and Goofy shorts as a kid.

    • I think I found the two strange by comparison. On one hand, you have a bear performing in pantomime and the other is a traditional Mickey Mouse short. Added on top of the fact that Mickey encountering a Giant is as common as Peter Griffen encountering the giant chicken (bad comparison, but hopefully you get the point :P).