Michael Jackson's "Ghosts" (1997) (part 3 of 3)

Strobe lights continue to flash, and the townspeople just stand there watching the routine, with fans blowing on them. More kung fu noises transpire. Suddenly, there’s a break in the music. After another HHHHHAAAAAA!, Michael pantomimes smoking a cigarette [?]. And I guess the CGI guys tried their best to do something with this, because Michael then exhales ectoplasm.

The music returns. The ghouls start climbing up the walls on wires and flipping off. Meanwhile, the Mayor tightens his tie more often than Rodney Dangerfield. We get another HHHHAAAAAAA!! from Michael. Geez, how many is that so far?

Now they’re all stomping up the walls, and flipping up from the balcony to the ceiling, and dancing on the ceiling. At this point, the music turns into a bad Danny Elfman rip-off, so I’m guessing this part was not in the extended dance mix of “2 Bad”. Then we get two more HHHAAAAAAAAs from Michael, and I think I have to give up on noting them at some point.

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Multi-Part Article: Michael Jackson's "Ghosts" (1997)

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