Michael Jackson's "Ghosts" (1997) (part 1 of 3)

Michael Jackson's "Ghosts"

NOTE: Special thanks to Rori “Sapphire” Stephens, for letting me expand upon her Reader Review of Michael Jackson’s “Ghosts”, posted in the forums two years ago, and turn it into this extended review. I’ll be damned if isn’t Halloween already. Why do holidays always sneak up on me? I promise, next year, I’ll get back to my Halloween tradition of looking at the very worst horror films ever made, like Night of Horror and Snuff. Believe me, I’ve seen some horror movies that make both of those films look like The Shining.

So, much like last Christmas, I’m resorting to a review of something easily downloadable. My apologies in advance for the crappiness of the screen captures. I had to make due with a poor quality MPEG, because Amazon said it would take 4 to 6 weeks to send me the VHS. I’m assuming this is because they have to send an intern on a hike out into the remote deserts of New Mexico, where surely all copies of Michael Jackson’s “Ghosts” are buried in a landfill and paved over with concrete.

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Multi-Part Article: Michael Jackson's "Ghosts" (1997)

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