Michael Jackson Probably Molested Pepsi Commercial Kid Because Didn’t You Hear Us? We Said ‘Michael Jackson’

Gah. You knew it had to happen, but it never makes it less depressing or disgusting to find out that another person has come forward with allegations that Michael Jackson abused him as a child. James Safechuck, the kid in the iconic 1987 Pepsi video, has reportedly joined an already-filed lawsuit against Jackson.

[T]wo sources close to the case revealed that the man involved is James Safechuck, who appeared in a Pepsi ad featuring Jackson in 1987 and proceeded to have a close association with the singer for several years. Safechuck was mentioned as a potential abuse victim by employees of Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in court documents filed ahead of the star’s 2005 criminal trial, but he always denied that Jackson had molested him. Now, the sources said, Safechuck’s complaint claims that Jackson groomed him and molested him for several years beginning when he was 10 years old.

The obligatory unnamed source close to Safechuck/the lawsuit/the investigation says that the allegations are similar to those of Wade Robson, another young Jackson protege who got the full Jackson experience of shopping sprees, going on tour, hanging out at Neverland, and being allegedly forced to perform sexual acts with Jackson. It was Safechuck, however, who was the ultimate high-profile Jackson child friend.

By early 1988, little Jimmy Safechuck seemed constantly at Jackson’s side. In February, the odd couple was photographed at the Kahala Hilton Hotel in Hawaii, where they attended a Pepsi conference. […] In March, they were in New York and joined by Liza Minnelli to catch the opening performance of The Phantom of the Opera. There was also the obligatory shopping spree at the F.A.O. Schwarz toy store across from Central Park. In July, Safechuck traveled with Jackson to England for an awards ceremony for the wildly popular entertainer and a string of Bad Tour concerts at Wembley Stadium. In June, Jimmy and the 30-year-old Jackson were in Paris for more concert appearances. And, it was Jimmy who appeared at the final Bad Tour concert in Los Angeles, dressed exactly like his much older friend and performing the Moonwalk dance right alongside Jackson.

Jesus. Remember how everyone used to joke about how for sure Michael was gay and was molesting little kids, and it was a thing we talked about and then moved on to talking about how awesome “Man in the Mirror” was anyway? We should all feel ashamed of ourselves for just pretending that shit was a character quirk that just happened to come along with the great artistry.

And fuck if we know how to feel now.

[Daily Beast]

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