VIDEO: Mexican Batwoman (1968)

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It’s been a boob-filled week here at the Agony Booth, so what better way to keep it going than with a bikini-clad crime-fighter pretending to be the female version of Batman? Mexican Batwoman (original title: La Mujer Murciélago) stars the beautiful Maura Monti as a super-heroine who must stop a nefarious doctor from creating a race of fish people from dead lucha libre wrestlers, all the while punching out bad guys, solving crimes, and wearing a bikini. Just like Batman!

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  • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

    I wish Mexican Batwoman was my Spanish teacher… “Si senorita, viva la fiesta” (no idea what that means but I was learning Spanish from Eddie Guerrero, so don’t hate on me)

    • Viva the party? Ha ha, I guess she’d be a fun teacher to be around, that’s for sure.

    • I think you mean “Viva la Raza!” in context of Eddie Guerrero but I will agree he was a good source of Spanish for the wrestling watching public out there. If only he’d have chosen Mexican Batwoman over Chyna.

      • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

        Excuse me!!!!  Excuse me!!!!  Don’t forget about Vickie Guerrero either (Mexican Batwoman is better than Vickie).  And I know its “Viva La Raza” I was changing it up, chico.  Besides, saying “Yes miss, long live the latino race” might be an odd thing to say to her…

  • Voyager 6

    So, am I the only one thinking that Mexican Batwoman should team up with the one in The Wild Wild World Of Batwoman and battle…I dunno, Lithuanian Penguin?  I am?  Oh well, please yourself, then.

    • Every Batwoman and Catwoman should team up sometime, especially if they’re all wearing Mexican Batwoman’s uniform