VIDEO: Meta Slashers: A Retrospective

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Phil talks great movies that require prior knowledge of the ridiculous tropes that make up the teen slasher genre, including Scream (and its sequels), New Nightmare, Cabin in the Woods, V/H/S, and many more! 

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  • Liam Barrett

    I saw Lester Vernon for the first time recently. It wasn’t without it’s flaws, but I really enjoyed it.

  • someguy

    Surprised there’s no mention of Funny Games.

    • I imagine it’s probably because of the tone of the thing. All these movies were clearly made by people who loved horror movies (except for Scream, IMHO). Funny Games was a condescending lecture made to rebuke the audience for liking horror movies, more specifically rape/revenge exploitation.

      • Tim Terrell

          I would like to “like” this statement 1,000 times.

      • Someone else mentioned Funny Games and Josh said basically what I did. I considered it and do like the movie.

  • I loved Cabin in the Woods and liked Behind the Mask, but I’m sorry, I will always have nothing but contempt for Scream. It is truly one the most sickeningly smug, pretentious, brainless, annoying films I’ve ever seen. My problem boils down to the fact that all it’s observations about the horror genre are A) vacuous and devoid of insight, and B) tacked on without an ounce of subtlety. The film is essentially a generic horror movie with a greek chorus character inserted to explain all the cliche’s to the audience. If their thinking was to make a slasher movie so generic and by the book to the point of parody, I’d respect that, except they clearly had no faith in the audience to get the joke. Imagine if in Starship Troopers, in the scene where the soldier’s are yelling “I say kill ’em all!”, if the reporter had then turned to the audience and said, “Gee, the human characters we are meant to sympathize with are acting just as mindless and bloodthirsty as the alien menace! I think the director is trying to tell us something!” It’s not clever, it’s just condescending.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Great review, Buni!  I did not know some of these movies existed, nor did I realize there were so many of this genre.

  • I really liked Cabin in the Woods, but I think my two friends and I were the only girls in the theater watching it…regardless of that, I’ll be picking it up on DVD soon, hehe. Will probably check out a couple more mentioned in this review. 🙂

  • Cristiona

    I liked Tucker and Dale well enough, but it felt like a 45 minute joke stretched out to feature length.  I mean, it was good and funny, and some parts were pure gold (like the bit with the hornets making him look like an unintelligable mutant), but parts of the middle felt a little draggy.  At one point I was even saying “get on with it, I get the joke!”

  • NixEclips

    There’s Nothing Out There came out in 91 and had a character that knew all about the do’s and dont’s of horror films. Pretty entertaining low-budget flick.