RAW FEED: Mental health month Vlog; Depression

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This video is no longer available due to the shutdown of Blip.tv.

May is mental health month, and like last year I have decided to make a video to help Cheapskate film critic, to raise awareness about mental illness’s. Much have hapened in a year though, so much is different.

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  • david francis white

    I have suffered from depression for 26 years!!!! MY parents couldnt care less!!! They keep acting like my depression is sheer lazyness and immaturity !!! I cry all the time!!! NO shame in crying!!! New Jersey is the worst place to have depression!!! NOne of the doctors here know how to treat depression!! THey (doctors) treat me like a loser and are just there to Take MY money!!!

    • Sofie Liv

      That sucks so bad, I am so very sad to hear that.

      No, depression is not a sign of weakness, any-one can get it, it’s so common. And i’ve tried to to have periods where I just laid in bed all day being exhausted, without any reason to be, and feeling so lousy. I was not being lazy I was being depressed.

      I do feel very lucky to life in a country with free health care where all the doctors really care and every-body has my best interest at heart.

      My parents has been so supportive when the actual reasoning for being the way I am came, and even before that, they have been so supportive of me every day in my entire life. I couldn’t have made it this far without so much support from every-one.

      And no, there is no shame of crying, in the time period between october and January, the last October where I had my break down, and this january 2013, in that entire period, I could start crying at randomn. I wouldn’t know why I was crying, and I wouldn’t be able to stop at all, I would just cry.

      I hope you’ll find your way to get better and feel better one day, I wish all the best for you in the future. But all I can really say is, good luck.

      I know how hard it is to fight this thing, and it’s a long continous fight, but I hope you have it in you to try some-day. Even if that day is not today, and if it isn’t, that’s okay. If you are not ready you are not ready. I was not ready before this October, that was the time I was ready, after ten years, do finally do some-thing.

      • david francis white

        Thanks for the reply sophie!! Most people just tell me to go to hell!! “I dont want to hear about your problems!! Just get with the program and be like everyone else!!” Even the Doctors here in New Jersey are just like ” Snap out of it and get a Job!!”

        • Sofie Liv

          That’s what the system tried to do with me until my depression was recovered. “Get an education.” “Get a job.”

          And I failed at both things without knowing why. Couldn’t maintain a job, couldn’t finish an education, and when back on the social support, same story all over again. “You’re so smart, so get the education, no excuses.”

          And well, that was just sheer pressure, and pressure did NOTHING for my well-being, in fact all it did was stressing me more out, made me feel even more like a failure whom would never amount to any-thing because I kept on feeling, made me more angsty about what would come next, and well, even more depressed. It’s a vicious circle that way when no one takes you seriously.

          I was so very relieved when I finally met a therapist whom took me seriously! Told me. “Yes, you are right Sofie, you have problems and right now is in no position to finish an education. You need peace and relaxastion to work with yourself, and you need some succeses, if just small ones to feel better, no more failures.”

          Wauw, thank you! Just to hear some-one else say that was such a relief. There was a reason all of this time for my failure, and some-thing can be done about it. I just need the right help, and right now I am quite willing to take the help, all the help I can get.

          And sounds like the place you life in sucks.. actually in sounds like all of american sucks when it coms to these matters.. well.. come on over to Denmark if you feel like it one day. I can say for sure that our doctors really does care 🙂

          • david francis white

            Thanks for the invite!! I i can scrounge up the money, i will go there!!! thank you!!!

  • $36060516

    This is a very good video, Sofie. You started with just the right message, about how exercise and nutrition can change feelings which seem unchangeable and a permanent cloud. You included a lot of great information and great personal stories and encouragement. The message about not spending time on regret is very important. I have been depressed most of my life, and could look back on it as a waste as I have missed out on major things in life that my friends from school experienced. One of them became mildly famous, most of them have gotten married and some have children. I have none of these things. I have an especially hard time not dwelling on how I spent three years improving my health and mind through doing the same nutrition and exercise you mention and then undid all of it through a backslide that is hard to explain when things got hard. Now I have to try again even though I feel like a phony for trying, given that I thought I had the problem solved and then destroyed all of my progress and am worse off than before due to having lost those additional three years. But dwelling on it is worse than useless, it’s a way of indulging in the negativity and fear and an escape from my ability to improve my life. It was brave of you to do this video, and I appreciate you for having done it. Congratulations on taking the steps you’ve taken. I have tried a couple of antidepressant medications which did not work for me and had negative side effects. But I can do something about the food and exercise. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Sofie Liv

      Thank you very much.

      I’m glad you feel that my video is in any way usefull.

      And well yeah, I do believe any-thing your exsperience in life can be a lesson if you treat it as such, and be a way for you to evolve. We all chance all of the time, no matter what we do, it’s just up to ourselves how we are going to change.

      Backslides happens, i’ve had a few of those myselfs. It’s all ups and downs, and that’s life, that’s how life is for every-one. And well, you just have to take it a day at the time, that’s really it. Life doesn’t just suddenly stop… well okay it does eventually for every-one, but you know what I mean.

      And well.. my littlesister is all-ready living with her boy-friend, so I could easily feel like I am getting through to slow since I never ever had a boy-friend. But I am electing to say I am just doing this my own way in my own tempo, and then I am going to do it the way that is right for me 🙂

      Thank you again.

      Well, I actually think the anti depressesant works pretty well for me, especially has many people who knows me commented that I look a lot less nervous and anxious when being social, and they mean a lot. Usually I would look very distracted, confused and my eyes would flicker while I Would have difficultly having eye-contact with any-one. Now all of that has definetely improved a lot, and I think it’s the medication. So it’s really helping with my angst levels and stress levels, which in turn makes it easier to deal with the course of the depression.

      hope you’ll get better to, just get the best out of life, the way you want it, that’s really all. I just want to be happy really, and I don’t need a lot to be that, not really, I just need to be happy and I want it. So I try to find a way.

      Good luck to you 🙂

  • FullofQuestions1

    Sofie, I’ve already said a lot to you, but seriously, this video is awesome. It’s so nice to see you genuinely happy and not just putting on a mask. You look happy, healthy, and generally amazing here.

    • danbreunig