RAW FEED: Mental Health Month- A Quick Note About Depression and Reaching Out

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  • TheRedWorm

    That is one of those toxic memes that really pisses me off; the idea that mental illness == weakness. What next, is a fucking flu or cancer also a sign of weakness?

    • FullofQuestions1

      Exactly. There’s a double standard with invisible illness in general, not just mental illness- people with MS and fibromyalgia for example are often viewed as weak when they need certain accomodations.

  • $36060516

    I suppose I should count myself lucky that I don’t have anyone around me sending me these judgmental messages about weakness. If possible, maybe limit your time around people who send such destructive messages (though if it’s coming from relatives this can be difficult). I hope anyone worrying about it can stop worrying about hurting others with their suffering and concentrate on healing themselves. People worry about us when we’re depressed, it’s true, and we can’t help others as much as we would like to when suffering from these conditions, but I don’t think anyone else is truly hurt by the suffering of a depressed or anxious person. Worrying about that is just adding another level of mental self-punishment and another thing to feel anxious about. (Not that I’m being judgmental about such worry; I have many unhelpful anxieties of my own.) Take care and make sure to take your own advice and be gentle on yourself as much as possible..

    • FullofQuestions1

      Thanks for this very sweet and compassionate reply- I’ve been trying to limit my contact with people like this, but a lot of them are people I otherwise like. But maybe the negatives do outweigh the positives. This video was a way of finally being able to express the contempt I have for this mentality without being contradicted, without being told that it’s self pity or attention-seeking behavior. It’s not. I try really hard to keep this all concealed, and then look what happens, I don’t get any videos done for six months because I can’t convince myself that anything I do is good.

      Okay, now I’ve said too much, but point is. This was super helpful to hear. And thanks for watching as always.

      • $36060516

        Very glad to hear that it was a positive thing to read. I was worried I’d gotten too preachy, as if I think I know how life works and would deign to tell you how to live! Glad it didn’t come across that way.

        Your videos are great. Very thoughtful with a nice humorous streak as well. Whenever you feel like doing more, I will look forward to watching.

      • danbreunig

        I’m glad to see you standing up to shed some light on this, because not many would or could. It’s tough enough to live without asking for help, understanding, or at the very least acceptance because it’s really like talking to many a brick wall. We all experience that at some point in our lives–wanting to talk about a problem and refraining from it because you know there’s no support to be found in those you wish to talk to and who need to understand the most. Thank you Yulia for your discussion; I can say for myself that it didn’t fall on deaf ears.

      • Robert Hullah

        ” I try really hard to keep this all concealed, and then look what
        happens, I don’t get any videos done for six months because I can’t
        convince myself that anything I do is good.”

        Please, don’t ever think that. What you do is good work, I watch your vids even when the subject is something I have no interest in i.e. Arthurs Perfect Christmas. I can only guess at what you go through so the best I can think to help you is this; I’ve been thinking of doing some video show for over two years now but can’t even settle on a subject much less record something. You’ve already managed more than a lot of people and I’m sure you’ll find a way back into the swing of it.

        Stay well, stay positive and don’t doubt yourself, as hard as I know that is.