MegaFault (2009) (part 4 of 4)

A caption says we’re at the “Super Volcano” in Yellowstone, Wyoming, and a moment later, brush fires break out.

MegaFault (2009) (part 4 of 4)

Then we cut back to the McConnell Air Force Base, where a soldier sitting at a computer says the big ice beam has “destabilized the mantle”, and “lava from the Yellowstone Caldera has saturated the aquifer!” She can figure all this out with her computer? Also, she refers to the Yellowstone Caldera as the “Yellowstone Cauldra”, but thankfully, the rest of the cast mostly pronounces it correctly.

Dr. Rhodes hears the news and tells the General, “It’s destabilized the volcano! What does that mean?” I don’t know, what does the phrase “destabilized the volcano” suggest to you?

But this is a cue to cut to Amy in the Osprey, looking more glassy eyed then ever. She says to no one in particular, “It means the MegaFault is now an extinction event.” Translation: We’ve got another half hour to fill, and this is the only way to stretch out an event that, in the real world, usually lasts less than two minutes.

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Multi-Part Article: MegaFault (2009)

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