VIDEO: MechWarrior Retrospective, Part 3: MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear’s Legacy (1995)

The expansion pack to MechWarrior 2 was released in the same year, and adds a couple of things, most of which are broken. As you might be able to tell from this review, Roland’s not really a fan.

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  • Moppet

    It was nice to see a new entry to soon. I wasn’t expecting it. Happily surprised.

    It’s really strange to hear about all these little hang ups with Ghost Bear, part of me thinks that this shouldn’t, couldn’t, be this hard to get right. Yet you keep explaining through all these issues, it’s hard to believe. You did have a lot of complaints here, but every one of them seems justified. The note you made about it just being a cash gran shines through in what you’re showing, not just what you’re saying. I can’t imagine anyone outside collectors wanting a copy of this, you know, the people that would sit it on a shelf in the original box and never, ever, play it.

    Thanks for the new entry in your retrospective. Informative and interesting as the last.

    • Thank you!

      For the longest time I thought it was perspective, since I didn’t play Ghost Bear’s until I bought a copy of it a few years ago (once I learned of the joys of DOSBox). I played it thinking, this must have been better in 95. It had to have been better in 95. When I learned that Activision ONLY had the rights to the name MechWarrior 2 (legal thing, but I bet FASA was kicking themselves after Microprose and Mech 3 changed hands like five times during Mech 3’s development), it made more sense. What could they make with only the name MechWarrior 2? Expansion packs, that’s what.

      Sorry for the late reply, I can almost never remember how to log into Disqus.

  • Thomas Stockel

    I almost bought this, back in the day. Seeing this video makes me so glad I did not.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    The main thing I remember about GBL is that missions were so buggy that they usually had to be successfully completed more than once to get through them. I also remember that I broke out all of the cheats; invulnerability, no heat, infinite ammo and finally the code that automatically destroys all enemies for that blood name trial, because it didn’t make any sense and I just didn’t care anymore. All that said I liked the first part of the opening cinematic – the snow seemed to promise a more dynamic environment and it kinda delivered. Bad as those trees were (a patch added limbs to them if I recall) they are the first time I remember seeing 3D trees attempted – 2D sprite trees having been around for a long time

    Really looking forward to your reviews of the rest of the series and especially Pirates Moon which is the only one I didn’t purchase or play because the reviews were so overwhelmingly negative. I’m hoping you do the entire franchise although that’s expecting a bit too much, I know, but I have fond memories of a lot of it, including the wacky stuff like the live action bits in 3 – the big coronation celebration with the plastic snap together cups and actors struggling with grammatically nonsensical scripts – some of the actors did an amazing job imparting feeling to their work while others just seemed bewildered and lost, but I’m getting ahead of things.

    • Ghost Bear’s is a chore to finish. I’ve never legitimately beaten the final mission with the dropship and the enemy carrier thing. The first time I ever survived more than two seconds into that mission was on the Titanium edition (yuck, I know), which was hardcore glitched out.

      Sorry for the late reply, I can almost never remember how to log into Disqus.

      • Gallen_Dugall

        I never expect a reply, thank you for taking the time.

  • SeekerLancer

    A lot of people really loved this expansion but I was never a big fan. I feel like the problem with a lot of expansion packs back in the day is while they gave you more, they rarely had the same quality as the original product and sometimes spiked the difficulty way too high.