VIDEO: MechWarrior Retrospective, Part 2: MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat (1995)

Part two of Roland’s MechWarrior retrospective covers 1995’s MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, the real codifier of the series and one of the best remembered, with good reason. This review also contains a comparison of every hardware-accelerated version of the game.

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  • Jessica Kent

    Hehe where is my dollar? I have never thrown away a PC, from 1978 to my current setup I still have all my old hardware, mostly still installed and ready, in my basement. But I’m a crazy lady so I wouldn’t be considered in a standard array designed for betting.

    I really enjoy your series thus far, you are a strange but endearing kind of analytical and you allow your opinion to bleed into that giving it personality. I hope you can manage to keep up episodes, since I want to hear your opinion about Mech Warrior 3.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Oh man, I spent so many hours playing Mechwarrior 2. This was a fun trip down memory lane for me. Thanks!

  • Moppet

    This was well worth the wait. I was always more a fan of Mechwarrior 3 and its Pirate’s Moon expansion but I think no less of the older entries in the Mechwarrior franchise for it. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only one I don’t like is Mechwarrior 4 and anything using its style. Mechwarrior 4, for me, did exactly the opposite of making me feel like I was piloting a large hulking machine. Mechwarrior 4’s cockpit mode really, really frustrated me and its 3rd person view of the Mech always left me feeling like I was piloting a tiny plastic toy. 3, in contrast, played up my feeling that I was piloting this massive thing that could potentially overheat and kill me.

    Still I can be too hard on 4, at times, there were things to like and the games it spawned had some interesting ideas.

    Eagerly awaiting the next entry.

  • freddy

    Killing dropships in Mech 2 was the worst, always. here’s a target that won’t fight back, has a million HP, and, oh yeah, is probably on a planet made of lava, just to make killing it take even longer, because we hate you.

    Still, Mech 2 is a stone classic. I like Mercs better, but I remember a demo we had when I was a kid. It had two missions on it, one of which was the desert level with all the mesas, and my brother and I spent countless hours playing it.

    All in all, I’d rate Mech 3 as the best of the series. The campaign was excellent, set as it was in the twilight of the Clans, and it managed to feature an economy in a way that made sense for a non-merc. I also liked the way it limited your inventory. In Mercs, if you were good/lucky enough, you could build up massive stockpiles of ammo, equipment, and mechs, enough that even the harder campaigns could be ground through with enough cash. On the other hand, the MFVs in Mech 3 limited how much tonnage you could haul with you. Nice! An ERPPC! Now decide if you want to take that or the Vulture chassis. Can’t take it all. On the other hand, Mech 3 was also the last hurrah of the Critical system, and personally, I didn’t mourn that thing’s passing at all.

  • SeekerLancer

    Great game, I’m surprised at all the Mech 3 fans. For me the “2” games were where it was at and they remain some of my favorite games of all time. I did like 3 but never found the campaign to be very interesting and Pirate’s Moon was a little disappointing and ferociously difficult. The MFB logistics stuff was cool though and the mechs looked great even if the environments were a little bland and what little fiction was present wasn’t terribly compelling. It was however fun to listen to the clanners angrily rant about you in their communcations though.

    MechWarrior 4 gets a lot of hate and I can understand that since it’s a bit more action and less simulator (and the plot of the original game and Black Knight are totally conrball though I love that the main character of 4 is the villain in Black Knight. There is no black or white morality in the Battletech universe). I still enjoyed it for what it is, especially Mercenaries 4 for being the spiritual sequel to my favorite MechWarrior game and just for being a big improvement over the original MechWarrior 4 campaign and its lackluster expansion.

    I’m hoping MechWarrior Online won’t be a dead-end for the franchise because I really love the single player campaigns. I’ve even really enjoyed the ones I’ve complained about. If there’s ever a MechWarrior 5 I’ll be sure to be there.