VIDEO: Masters of the Universe (1987)

When we last saw the Blockbuster Chick, her arch-nemesis Walrusano decided to take a looooong vacation, prompting her to go on to her alternative job as Judge Blockbuster Chick! Unfortunately, she’s been sentenced to watch the 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe movie, starring Dolph Lundgren, Courteney Cox, Principal Strickland, Tom Paris, and Richard Nixon as Skeletor. Enjoy!

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  • edharris1178

    Good stuff, always nice to see a Cannon film, taken to the woodshed.

  • Brooksliner

    I still remember watching this like it was yesterday…

  • AndMarnumber1

    Nice job here. soft spot in my heart for this movie but I can never deny how cheesy it could be at times.

  • Joelkazoo

    This movie is cheesy as hell but it’s a lot of fun to watch. 

  • Olaf_the_Lofty

    I thought I recognised Detective Lubic – he’s the same actor as played Principal Strickland in the “Back to the Future” films.

  • Kev

    Suzie, Skeletor was never a skeleton because even in the cartoon he clearly has flesh. He’s really just a buff blue guy with an exposed skull for a head.

    Besides, how would you pull off Skeletor’s makeup with a Cannon Films budget?

    And no mention that Kevin was played by Star Trek: Voyager’s Tom Paris, making this film only the second-worst thing Robert Duncan McNeill has ever been involved with? 

    • The Blockbuster Chick

      Appreciate the comment Kev, 
      But my point about Skeletor was that his head resembled a skeleton in the cartoon and in the movie it looks as though they made no effort to recreate the look of how Skeletor was…in my opinion.  With regards to the Star Trek Voyager comment…I do not like Star Trek and have never watched an episode of the TV show or watched ANY of the movies so of course it’s not something I’d notice.  And I did also say I didn’t hate the movie, I kind of enjoy it.  But again, appreciate your comment :)

      • Anne

         It…looks like a skull to me, but okay.

  • MephLord

    Like you, I was a big fan of the original series (and even bigger fan of the 2002 reboot and the spinoff series She-Ra) but other than Dolph looking like He-Man, this movie was just bad.  It fell into the same category as Street Fighter as just a bad movie looking to make some money on a name property.  I’m starting to think, with Transformers being the new prototype, that all franchise-related movies are going to end up that way.

  • Nejiblue12

    Sorry, your voice is annoying as hell for the same reasons as the nostalgia critic.  Anyway, just wanted to say the movie is awful.  However, there is one thing in this movie that is awesome, and that is Frank Langella as skeletor.  Reminds me of max von sydow’s role as ming in flash gordon.  He nailed it with the over the top yet serious as hell at the same time performance.  Considering it was a b-movie, his makeup was fine.  You could tell it was supposed to be a skull with how it was shaped.  And considering the cartoon version had a blue action-figure body, I wouldn’t say that they needed to literally cast and paste his look.  Oh and I loved the final gold form in a over the top galactus way.  But if phantom of the opera is the best you can do, don’t quite your day-job. 

    To me there two sides of the same coin.  Skeletor didn’t perfectly capture the look of the cartoon character, but frank sure as hell captured the spirit of the character and made a truly menacing villian.  Dolph may look like he-man, but sorry.  He can’t act his way out of a paper bag.  And the rest of the movie was awful(outside of maybe evil lyn.)

    • The Blockbuster Chick

      Whilst I appreciate your comments I must point out that I cannot change my voice so…enough said about that area.  Also, I review the movies in my own way.  In my own personal opinion, the Phantom of the Opera joke worked for me as I saw that character when Skeletor was dressed in that particular costume.  I’m sorry if you didn’t find that appropriate, but as I was the one writing the review, that’s what I saw.  I hope this is acceptable.  If not then I’m not sure what to say regarding that.  And please bear in mind that I didn’t say I HATED the movie at all.  I said that I kind of liked it which is completely different from saying I despised it, which I did NOT.  I hope this helps but appreciate your comments. 

  • RichB

    It is believable that technology is so different on Eternia that out technology confuses them. They should know what Earth is though. Good review, a lot better than the Nostalgia Critic’s.