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While everybody else is watching the new Batman movie, Renegado dons a mask and talks about one of the original inspirations for Batman! In The Mask of Zorro, the original Zorro (Anthony Hopkins, with a dodgy Spanish accent) must save his daughter (Catherine Zeta-Jones) from the clutches of an evil governor, so he trains Antonio Banderas to become the new Zorro.

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  • Sofie Liv

    Erh… Renegado.. how could they possible use Pirates of the Carribbean music in the original trailer for mask of Zorro when Mask of Zorro is older than Pirates of the Carribbean?

    Mask of zorro is from 1998
    Pirates of the Carribbean 2003.. you don’t think it’s a fan-made trailer you found?

    You know I love this movie and I adore the character of Zorro. As far as I am concorned this movie right here and the first pirates of the Carribbean are thus far the only two movies of the new era to probably capture the fun of a good swush-buckler from the thirties and fourtish. 

    But man oh man oh man, am I the only one deeply wishing for a Zorro re-boot? I mean.. a big hollywood movie telling the story of the original Zorro in a three-part big trilogy, the fight for Los Angeles and California, told like this.. as a true swushbuckler with sword fights, chandelier swinging, awesome music reminiscn of spain, horse chases just.. I really really badly want that movie… movie triology.

    I’ve said it for years, if I was a hollywood director and was allowed to make a movie triolgy, any triology, it would be Zorro without question, he is my favourite hero, cause he is so much fun, who doesn’t want to be Zorro?
    If I could only make one movie.. it would be the Scarlet Pimpernel, cause he deserves a fun block-buster update dammit.

    • Sammy

      I’m now imagining a Zorro who uses the Batman voice.

      • I’m having a hard time picturing that xD

    • Yes, we need a Zorro reboot Sofie, and we may be getting two actually. If IMDB is to be believed, there’s a “futuristic” reboot of el zorro and another reboot based on a recent book.

      • Sofie Liv

         Futuristic reboot of Zorro? really? … nooo.

        And I head of that adaptation of that book, I’ve even read the book, and ones again.. noo.
        I read it, it was right there and said “Zorro.” on the front page so. “snatch, mine!” but, it’s not really about Zorro going on adventure. It’s a weird sort of erh.. prolouge story I think. And, that is not what I want, all that I want is just the black fox going out having adventures and swing in chandeliers dammit. I honestly just want a straight out re-boot of “Mark of Zorro.” that is all I ask. But no, we have to be “Smart.” about every-thing nowadays, stuff needs to be “Updated.” and have “New twists.” .. I don’t care, I just want a fun Zorro movie with lots of swushbuckling.

        Futuristic Zorro… if you want futuristic of an older hero with style.. why not give “The Shadow.” a modern update or “The Crimson Avenger.” or the french “The Phantom.” (Not the DC hero, the french guy who uses rubber masks.) Heck why didn’t you use your chance to make “The Green hornet.” an update on the detective of the alley whom can also jump roof tops, I would gladly go watch does updates.

        • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

          I’m still waiting impatiently for a good Judge Dredd movie.  The Shadow is a movie you should definitely review it gives you so much ammunition to work with.  Also I’m not sure you’ve spoken about it, but Marvel at San Diego Comic Con stated their next four movies: Thor 2, Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy (???) and Ant-Man.  The first two were obvious but the last two had me wondering if those were pranks or real movie projects.

          • Sofie Liv

            The Shadow is among some of the movies I have conisdered… among them.. my list of things I want to do is very long. And right now when I only have borrow computer and no video camera, I am just script writing.

             I am also pretty sure that they are working on a Iron Man 3 as we speak.

            Ant Man.. it doesn’t surprise me that much really. There seems to be a surprisingly big fan demand of an Ant Man movie and consequently the inclusion of the Wasp in the next Avengers movie. (There is a lack of women and lots of people knows it.)
            I honestly have to say… why the wasp? I was never into the wasp, not even in the “Avengers united.” television show.. Why not a “Miss Marvel.” movie?  I am seriouse, she would be hardcore to have on the team!

            Guardians of the Galaxy… urh… right.. it does not surprise me they want to make the build-up for a second Marvel team, but.. I thought they were going to do “The Defenders.” you know, the team up of heroes with supposed mystical powers lead by Doctor Strange, and of cause we would need a Doctor Strange movie for that. Fox still holds the right to Silver Surfer so you would have to drop him, Hulk has been a very stable part of the defenders so just drop him over, Valkyrie belongs to the Thor universe so just introduce her in a Thor movie and there you go, Gargoyle was originally a Hulk protagonist so stuff him in a Hulk movie or Hulk continuity and yeah.. we all-ready have a team here. for extra add up I nominate Iron fist and Power-man whom has been known to be team-mates so you can you can have does two introduced in one movie that is theirs, then you only have to make two original movies for set up. “Doctor strange.” and “Iron Fist/Power man”.
            So no, I don’t see the logic behind “Guardians of the Galaxy.” when you could just go ahead and make the defenders… I am such a nerd. 

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I totally agree on the Defenders movie, and the lineup should be: Dr Strange, Namor, Valkyrie and Starfox (Starfox is the brother of Thanos so it ties in greatly to Avengers 2).  You could have a Dr Strange movie showing the emergence of the Infinity Gems, Namor could have Lemuria (ancient enemies of Atlantis) working for Thanos to steal his Infinity Gem, and the Defenders movie trying to stop a top Thanos general from stealing the last Infinity Gem.  It would be insane buildup to an epic two team fight against Thanos! 

            Also I’m a bit troubled that you have to borrow a computer and no video camera.  I miss the Red Suitcase Adventures, did the old equipment stop working?

          • Sofie Liv

            Yep, sounds about right.

            As for computer.. well..

            And the whole sad story is here.

            Hehehehe…. yeah… I believe the Booth is going to help me by making some sort of announcement regarding this donation drive one of these days. Believe I did not want to ask for money but.. forces of nature has now made me give in. And I want to make one thing perfectly clear! This does NOT mean that i’ll stop making enternet videos, not by a long strecht, all it means is that I am on a break while I am trying to scrap money together.

      • CDiehl

        I wouldn’t get too excited about this. IMDB says a lot of things that don’t end up happening. Many’s the time people here have started “Hollywood has run out of ideas” threads on the message boards here over some vague story about a remake/reboot/prequel/sequel to some beloved (or even despised) movie of the past, and it never amounted to anything. I personally take the attitude that, until there’s a finished movie in the can and a firm release date, the movie doesn’t exist. With this idea, I have to ask, what the hell do they imagine Zorro’s going to fight, some futuristic version of the Crips and the Bloods? Really, just make a movie set in the usual period for Zorro, and while you’re at it, make it fun.

        If I were in a position to make a series of movies, I would make one about King Arthur. Forget “historically accurate” or whatever the hell was the deal with that God-awful thing Clive Owen was in eight years ago. If there’s one story that doesn’t scream to be made historically accurate, it would be King Arthur. I’d make mine look like a hybrid of Knights of the Round Table and Excalibur. I want to make a medieval movie that’s bright and fun and interesting-looking. I’ve sat through twenty years of dull, boring looking movies set in the Middle Ages, and I’m tired of it. I’d make a series of four movies, because this is too big a story even for a trilogy. Also, I’d want to make part of one of the movie about what Arthur’s kingdom looked like in its prime. We never really see that in movies about this story, and it’s weird.

        • Sofie Liv

           But… there’s sooooo many television shows doing exactly that.

          Just right now, at this very moment there is the adult version “Camelot.” running on Starz and a kiddie version running on BBC… sadly enough the kiddie version is the worst one yet the one meet with the most success… success to have a major fan-base. There is now current Zorro series that I know off, the last thing was the sequel to this movie.

          And some Spanish series.. which I never could watch.. cause it doesn’t have subtitles.. and I don’t speak Spanish. But what I saw from video clips it looked so pretty.

        • Ha, true, IMDB is the internet’s movie wikipedia, you don’t really know what is true or not there anymore. Though I do know about the Futuristic reboot because the actor casted as the main league (Gael García Bernal) confirmed it a while ago, so sadly it seems like at least that movie IS happening.

    • Well, the music from the trailer was official, so I guess pirates copied the music? xD, I dunno, maybe as you said, they’re similar because of the type of movie.

  • Monterey Jack

    Love this movie. LOVE IT. Banderas is perfect casting, Anthony Hopkins adds gravitas, Catherine Zeta-Jones is just ACHINGLY lovely, James Horner’s score is superb…it’s just an all-around terrific piece of entertanment, and what Spielberg’s fourth Indiana Jones movie SHOULD have been. I’ll even defend the bafflingly-derided sequel, The Legend Of Zorro, which was about five years too late but still a worthy follow-up.

    • Ugh, I have a love-hate relationship with Legend of Zorro, on one hand it was funny at times and everything technical in it was pretty decent, but the story…oh god fuck that story, and specially, fuck that little kid they got to play Joaquín, Alejandro’s son, he was annoying as hell…

  • dynamite entertainment is doing a massive cross over i nthe fall, with the shadow, the green hornet and kato(the actual characters, not the horrific seth rogen versions), the spider, the black bat, and Zorro. Given how the story will be set in 1938, I’m wondering how i nthe world Zorro fits into it. Theres is this great Alex Ross promotional image, that has Zorro standing side by side with the other heroes, so maybe its someone who has picked up the mantle in 1938, or something like that.

  • I’d much rather watch Zorro: The Gay Blade… no, I’m serious. I think that was a much better film. 

    • MichaelANovelli

      I agree, that version of Zorro was pretty definitive!

      • I really need to watch that version, it’s the one where Zorro has a gay twin, correct?

        • MichaelANovelli

          Oh yeah, and the twin is master of the whip!

          • Cristiona

            And it’s completely off the rails.  I mean, who better to play Zorro than George Hamilton?

  • John Sco

    Sacrebleu, the deadly poke of Zorro!

  • MichaelANovelli

    About the shovel…

    It was the late 90’s!  Extreme sports were in EVERYTHING!

  • Goblin1001

    You did not exaggerate at all about Zorro inspiring Batman–  Bob Kane has stated that the image of Zorro riding out oif the cave on his black stallion from the movie MARK OF ZORRO absolutely inspired Batman in the Batmobile.  And you already pointed out the other obvious similarities.