Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 Suiting Up

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When last seen, in the season one finale, Matt Murdoch (Christopher Cox), blind lawyer by day, secretly-blind masked crime fighter by night, and totally hot 24/7, just got some brand new threads. He’d gone through the first 12 episodes vigilanteing in basic black with a ninja-style scarf pulled down covering his eyes – no eyeholes – and nobody ever asked, “Dude, how do you see in that thing?” Maybe because they were too busy getting their head bashed in.

A lawsuit from the Dread Pirate Roberts forced him to change.

A lawsuit from the Dread Pirate Roberts forced him to change.

It was a good look for him. You could still see his chiseled chin and stubble, though his friends didn’t ever realized it was him because humans never developed that ability in the Marvelverse, but even there, how Karen could fail to recognize the sexist mouth on TV (or at least Netflix) is more unbelievable than a blind superhero in a comic book world.

While stylish, comfortable, and a hit with the ladies, it turned out Matt’s ensemble wasn’t totally working for the crime fighting, and he often wound up bruised and battered to the point where just saying, “I ran into a door. What? I’m blind,” was no longer cutting it.


Then he discovered the near physical invulnerability of his nemesis, Wilson Fisk a.k.a. the Kingpin, and realized it was some special suit lining that worked even better than Mormon underwear. He found Fisk’s tailor and ordered his own snazzy costume. His was even more better because much of the season was a pissing contest between the two of them. The new threads were red and came with horns, cementing the Daredevil moniker.

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“I’m Red Batman!”

When it was finally unveiled, it looked pretty much like the classic Daredevil garb in the comics, but the tailor told him it wasn’t quite finished. And now ta-duh! In preparation for season 2, which will be available in April, all at once, the way we like it, Marvel gave the world a sneak peak last week on the twitter of the new new get up.

daredevil duds 2

Deadpool, is that you?

Doesn’t look quite so breathable, does it? And it’s also kind of fetishy, not that we’d know or that there’s anything wrong with that.

What can it do? Can it fly? Probably not. Who ever heard of a flying blind superhero? Get real. Frankly, we liked the old look better, sort of a Zorro thing going on, and black will always be the new black.

Meantime, in other Daredevil news: Jon Bernthal will be coming on board as the Punisher. If you’ve read the comic books, that may mean something to you. As for the Kingpin himself, Vincent D’Onofrio is being coy with the press about whether or not he’ll be returning (coy in that special way that means probably he is). Season 2 still isn’t coming up in his IMDB credits, so who knows?

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