Your Final Four March Madness Bracket Update Is Here And We Regret To Announce We Suck


Even if you actually go look at our NCAA March Madness (kinda ableist term there, NCAA) bracket, you can’t really grasp how poorly we did at this sportsball thing.


(We made that picture extra small to hide our shame.)

We shouted down Rebecca when she was all like “just let me just bet on underdogs pleeeeaaassseee” but we probably would have done just as well if we’d gone with that method or just pinning the tail on the bracket. And now we have to live with having gotten barely over 50% (31/60) of our picks right so far. We were going to try to figure out who sucked more: Team Bandcamp (South and East portion of the bracket) or Team Sportsball (West and Midwest portion of the bracket) but the truth is we all suck. We correctly guessed two out of the four Final Four (woo hoo Florida and Wisconsin) but given that our overall winning picks are neither of those teams, it is cold comfort.

Hopefully your bracket was less of a disaster area than this. Now let’s all just twiddle our thumbs until Friday’s Final Four.

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  • WA Bishop

    Excuse me, I’d like to make some changes to my bracket? Can someone show me how?