VIDEO: Marathon: a 20th anniversary retrospective

Find yourself starting back. Escape will make me God.

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  • DAvid F White

    Have you Played Infamous Second son?? If I ever get enough money to buy a Playstation 4, I definitely want to play it!!!

  • UnlegendaryDynofist

    I fondly remember Marathon as well. My experience is similar but with the added bonus of setting up a multiplayer LAN in my high schools computer lab. I’ll never know why our school was mac in the mid 90s but it was. It is a question I often find myself pondering when I’ve been awake for too long.

    • My 1st and 2nd grade school had old Apple Education Edition Macs, and then I do believe our tiny computer lab in 3rd through 5th grade had some computers running OS/2 Warp.

      Aside from my family’s Mac Plus, which I played Dark Castle and Crystal Quest on, I was a Windows kid. In middle school we did LAN up some Starcraft after school though. Good times. 😀

  • Cristiona

    I was never a Mac kid, so I hadn’t even /heard/ of Marathon until a few years ago, and knew very little about it. Nice to actually learn something about it.

  • VidMaster1994

    LOL..who uses a mouse to play Marathon? You want to play it for real, play it with your mouse is unplugged and you are not using CAPS LOCK

    • I half-ass it. Using mouselook is a gloriously pleasurable experience, but I’m a shift-runner.