"Manhattan Love Story" is the first show to die this season

"Manhattan Love Story" is the first show to die this season

Ring the cathedral bells and don your mourning apparel. We have our first fatality of the 2014 fall season.

ABC has cancelled Manhattan Love Story after four episodes, which was actually an overly generous lifespan for a show with a ridiculously low 2.6 million people watching. The gimmick behind the sitcom was that the audience got to hear the thoughts of the two main characters in voiceover as they met and fell in love. It might have worked better if the characters weren’t unlikeable idiots—especially the guy—but maybe not; it’s a pretty lame gimmick regardless.

Before the season started, Happy Nice Time People said, “everything about this sitcom is lazy, from the setting to the characters to the jokes… And the delivery isn’t even emotionally honest; it’s more like a lame standup routine.” Our prediction: “Quickly cancelled.” So score one for us.

ABC is replacing Manhattan Love Story with a second episode of Selfie, which is also on everyone’s cancellation watch list. The only new sitcom waiting in the wings at ABC is Fresh Off the Boat, which looks so promising that the network probably wants to launch it with more fanfare in January rather than shove it in a failed show’s grave.

Still, you have to think Agents of SHIELD was hoping for a Modern Family rerun rather than more Selfie. But anything is better than following Manhattan Love Story, which has been dragging down SHIELD’s ratings all season.

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  • Julie

    I used to watch this show in the morning On Demand when I worked out with the volume off because I liked looking at the lead actor’s face and not much else. If we still lived the era of silent movies, this show would be ratings gold! Damn you, Advances in Technology! DAMNNNN YOUUUUU!

  • Claire

    Start digging the mass graves… It will have company soon enough. Still, if they are replacing it with Selfie, maybe they are just declaring the Tuesday night slot to be a Dead Zone.

  • I am gladdened to hear of this show’s early demise. I got through the trailer, but was just sick about it. To begin with the annoying hero and heroine wouldn’t leave actually be living in Manhattan. It hit on every cliche about the city written by someone who doesn’t live here but maybe saw Annie Hall more times than he should’ve. And there was something strangely retro about it — despite any attempts to integrate modern tech. And yes, I got all that from a trailer. Did I miss something?