Man Time: Why you should hate Phil Mickelson

Man Time: Why You Should Hate Phil Mickelson
The British Open starts today, and Phil Mickelson is the defending champ. That’s him in the photo up above, don’t you just want to punch him in his stupid face? Look at his face, being all punchable. Don’t you hate him already, you guys?

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If Phil Mickelson looks like a smug, shit-eating golfing man, that’s because, by all accounts, he is a smug, shit-eating golfing man. His fellow PGA Tour pros — a group of people not exactly known for their humility and common-man touch — occasionally refer to him as “FIGJAM.” That’s an acronym for “Fuck I‘m Good, Just Ask Me.” This is not a new development, and as proof, we will now block-quote at you from the 2006 GQ list of the 10 most hated athletes, where Mickelson placed 8th.

Last August at the PGA Championship at Baltusrol, in New Jersey, a reporter turned to a golfer on the tour and said of Phil Mickelson, “Man, the fans here love Phil.” The golfer replied, “They don’t know him the way we do.” It blew our minds a little when we heard this, since Mickelson ranks among the most admired golfers in America. But today the same reporter makes his case bluntly: “Phil Mickelson literally has no friends out there. He annoys everybody.”

Mickelson is indeed beloved and admired by golf fans, but golf fans are a curious lot. They enjoy watching golf on TV, and have you ever tried to watch golf on TV? We will spare you the paint drying comparisons and instead point out that even with incredible advancements in camera and CGI technology, it’s still really, really hard to actually see a golf ball in flight with anything but the naked eye. Most golf fans, quite literally, see the tee-to-green game in their mind’s eye rather than on the screen.

Anyway, back to Phil Mickelson. He’s really, really good at golf, has been his whole life. Hits the golf ball a long way, putts the little golf ball into the little hole without too much trouble. He’s particularly good at the short game, and he’s especially good at something called the flop shot. Basically, the flop shot involves sliding the face of a wedge underneath a golf ball with a full swing in order to make the ball go really high without going very far. It is really hard to do, and Mickelson is very good at it, and if you set him up in just the right lie, he can actually hit the ball backwards while swinging forwards, because science. Watch as Mickelson describes how to hit the backwards flop shot, and please try to not put your fist through your screen.

Did you even make it past the first five seconds? Which part made you the punchiest? Choose one:

1. “The ba-ah-ckwards shot! This. Shot. Is. Fun!”
2. “Oh, come on, bay-bee! Do it!”
3. “Ohhh! I misread it!”

Which one did you choose? WRONG! The correct answer was ALL OF ‘EM, KATIE.

Like most professional golfers, Mickelson is a thin-skinned whiny man-baby who makes millions of dollars off the fact that golf is a spectator sport while demanding that those same spectators stand in silent awe of his golfing prowess. He’s not alone in this, but he is particularly dickish about it.

Compare and contrast Mickelson with Tiger Woods, whose own dickishness needs no introduction. The first clip is a video of Mickelson kicking a spectator off the golf course because the spectator called him FIGJAM, and that hurt Phil’s fee-fees (apologies for the terrible quality). The second is a Vine of Tiger Woods during his first round at this year’s British Open, getting angry at a spectator who had the temerity to speak while Tiger was playing golf.

The difference between the two is that Mickelson’s heckler actually waited until after Mickelson had played his shot. Tiger could plausibly claim that his concentration was broken in an event where one stroke can mean the difference between winning and losing. Mickelson’s just upset that a paying spectator called him a mean name, so he told his caddie to get that riff-raff out of here. In the immortal words of Judge Smails, some people just don’t belong.

If all of this sounds like small potatoes, that’s because it is. The real reason why you should hate Phil Mickelson is his ultra-privileged myopia as regards his citizenship in a political commonwealth. Like most country clubs, the PGA is overwhelmingly Republican. And like most Republicans, Phil Mickelson knows that HE DID BUILD THAT.

Q. Is it a stance that you are taking because on the one hand, you’ve made a lot of money, and no matter how much they take out, you are left with a lot of money?
PHIL MICKELSON: Yeah. I’ll probably go into it more next year or next week. But if you add up, if you add up all the federal and you look at the disability and the unemployment and the Social Security and the state, my tax rate’s 62, 63 percent. So I’ve got to make some decisions on what I’m going to do.

Q. How do you balance that against the TOUR’s retirement plan which by all standards is the best retirement plan in sports?
PHIL MICKELSON: I don’t understand. What do you mean?

Q. Well, I mean I understand the 60 percent part of the equation, but in the TOUR’s plan, you guys put about as much money aside as you want. It’s treated differently under tax laws than most anybody else’s tax plans. Where most people can only put away $45,000 or $50,000, you guys can put as much away as you want. And so at the end you guys end up with a much larger pot of gold than most people can.
PHIL MICKELSON: But when it comes out, it’s still taxed at the same 62 percent rate.

Q. Well, you’re still making that kind of money. That’s if you’re still in that bracket.
PHIL MICKELSON: (No response.)

It’s bad enough that Mickelson — a man worth about $180 million — is whining about the cost of living in the nation with the lowest effective personal tax rates in the developed world. But what’s really galling is that he also sucks at math.

Thanks to the expiration of the temporary 2% reduction in the payroll tax rate on the first $113,700 of self-employment income, Mickelson will have to fork over an extra $2,274 in tax during 2013, an additional burden that makes it hard to justify briskly walking as many as five miles per day, four days a week. In long pants, nonetheless.

Forbes goes on to point out that California’s Proposition 30 might actually take a real chunk out of Mickelson’s earnings, but good God, man, do you even hear yourself? No, you don’t. Like Mittens Romney apologizing for his 47% comments, the plebs can tell when you’re being sincere and when you’re covering your sponsors’ butts, like you did when you tried to walk back your comments about being overtaxed.

You make your living playing a rich person’s game for the enjoyment of other rich people. You have literally never supported yourself by doing anything other than walking around ecological wastelands and hitting golf balls for the enjoyment of the wealthy. From the bottom of our just-barely-median-income heart, we hope you miss the cut at Hoylake this week, Lefty.

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  • Corey Jenkins

    Oddly enough his man boobs were not mentioned.

    • aaaandI’mBored

      his weird orange tint was mentioned in the BarbWireTV mickelson episode lol

  • Hammiepants

    I actually enjoy watching golf on TV. That being said, Lefty is a major tool. Like, MAJOR.

  • Homestar

    Rich athlete doesn’t like paying taxes. He is personally a tool (do we have any evidence of his behavior when not golfing?). He removed a jerk spectator from whatever you call the group of people who follow a golfer during a tournament. I don’t see how any of this is actually worth a post. Do you just really hate him? Am I missing some context?

    • Jaime Oria

      “Am I missing some context?”All of it, Katie.

      • Homestar

        So, I don’t pay attention to athletes or sports, that makes me Sarah Palin? I’m genuinely asking to know more about Mickelson, to understand what prompted this post.

        • Jaime Oria

          So, it seems this Dan Weber fellow is on the sports beat here at HappyNiceTime. Far be it from me to defend how he does his job, but his article opens with – The British Open starts today, and Phil Mickelson is the defending champ –Is that sufficent context for ya?

          • Homestar

            I know who Phil Mickelson is. I used to watch him golf when I was younger. I’m not that big of an idiot. I just don’t get why this was even brought up. It’s not really relevant anymore, but I still don’t think the article sufficiently painted Mickelson as a tool.

  • Monty

    Guy seems like a real douchebag.WOULD NOT BANG.

    • aaaandI’mBored

      made me LOL

  • Force Crater

    That stupid ass distraction will melt away without the gas to run huge lawnmowers and the resulting increased need to plant crops for food. I look forward to the day when golf pros can use their advanced skills to perform farm labor.

  • JJG

    This guy has no clue. Mickelson was unpopular on tour with the old pros back when he joined 20+ years ago. He liked to talk, gamble, have fun and yes has a giant ego…much like the rest of them. Now he’s one of the most popular players on tour where all the younger guys love being around him. He’s notorious for being the ringleader for gambling sessions during the practice rounds with other guys like Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Jason Dufner, Keegan Bradley to name just a few.He’s also been drinking the Republican kool-aid since a kid; didn’t exactly grow up roughing it. No surprise he’s got suits behind him telling him weasel as much of that money away as possible.

  • MOM

    I don’t play golf. Don’t watch it. Don’t know Mickelson. But I do have a dear friend who was paralyzed from the neck down in an accident and left to raise two boys on her own. Her friends are trying very hard to help her, but her needs far exceed our resources. We have a golf tournament every year to try to raise money for her medical expenses and Mickelson sends us a donation. From our view point, he doesn’t seem like such a bad person. When we get help from everyone on here “hating” on him, I might have a different perspective, but for now, he’s the only golf celebrity that has ever shown any concern or compassion for this poor woman and her children.

  • Shartiblartfat

    I hate golf. I hate the people who play it even more. – kids in the hall

  • Cindyinencinitas

    Two things: first, the announcer announces Phil as living in “Rancho Santa Fe” not “San Diego.” Second, everyone here knows he’s really, really rich and they don’t exactly care. What they do care about is the rumors of his gambling problems and infidelity. But yeah, he’s really, really rich.

  • zerosumgame0005

    he did play an asshole on “Entourage” so I have looked at him askance since then anyway…yeah I’m fucking shallow but I LIKED Ari!

  • I’d like to see someone jab pencils into his eyeballs.

    • aaaandI’mBored

      haha you would love the BarbWire TV ‘Mickelson’ episode on youtube. I’ve never seen anyone lampoon him before so well. took some balls.

  • Tdubb

    He’s a dickhead but he has a point. He DID generate his income on his own and deserves it. Just because he’s rich doesn’t mean he should get taxed so frickin much and that people should be happy about it. That’s just jealousy.
    Btw, it took me years of calling him it and now my dad’s wife calls him Micklefuck too.

  • j

    You would all be saying the same thing if you made that money. Its HIS money that he earned. I’d be pissed if I had to give it to the government too

  • kirk hall

    Why I hate Phil. Actually I don’t but hate how the golf commentators/world treat him as a god. He does have great PR from the press as the press makes it happen so to help the golf world (money). He missed an Open because he went to his daughters (8th grade) graduation. REALLY! That’s the press for ya as they say (what a father). He did not have a chance of even making the cut as he was having a terrible year and he does not like the course. So why not go to the graduation. If he was in the top 10 of possible winning the open. I guarantee he would have not gone to graduation. He got caught cheating on the stock market but the golf press gave the impression of. He just gave the money back. What a guy. Good thing he did give it back or he would be in court and would have lost. Tired of seeing the puppy dog love fist fallowing Phil. He makes a good chip shot and they say. What did you expect from Phil. As if it was normal. Ignoring that he is at about 25th in chipping. I just wish they would treat him as the golfer he is now and not put him on a pedestal every time he hits a good shot. It’s just getting old. And so is he. Let it go golf commentators. Best of luck Phil. I just wish the golf world would stop the bs.