Man Time: Sad Old Bigot Donald Sterling Won’t Go Without a Fight

Does Alzheimer's cause racism?

All of the things have already been said about Germany’s utterly dominant victory over the Selecao (that’s Brazilian for “loser soccer team”). So many things, in fact, that we’re not even going to link to any more of them (except down at the bottom, because Deadspin is really good at what it does). Instead, let’s catch up with our favorite bouncy-hoops racist Donald “Don’t bring black people” Sterling!


When last we checked in with horrible racist person Donald Sterling, he was promising to fight the forced sale of his beloved NBA team, and oh boy, did he ever.

Sterling almost immediately in response to questions by Shelly’s attorneys, said: “What kind of question is that? I’m talking about your question, all of them. I’m sure they will improve.”

Matters were not helped by 85-year-old lawyer Bert Fields being hard to hear, and 80-year-old Donald Sterling a little hard of hearing.

Donald, still more combatively, went on. “Do you rely on CNN for your information?”

At that, Judge Michael Levanas, smiling, said: “Anybody here from CNN?”

SICK CNN BURN, DONALD STERLING! Topical like an ointment. But you’re not going to get any crazier than that in a court of law, are you, soulless racist Donald Sterling?

“Tell me what you want to accuse me of. … Stand up and be a man,” he told attorney Bert Fields during a 90-minute afternoon appearance.

BE A MAN, LAWYER GUY, BE A MAN LIKE ME! says racist shitbird Donald Sterling. Wait, should we maybe not make fun of virulent racist Donald Sterling, on account of he has Alzheimer’s?

Dr. Meril Sue Platzer testified that she was hired by Sterling’s wife, Shelly, to evaluate him and made the diagnosis based on two brain scans and a two-hour interview at his home with his wife and an attorney present.

“After it was over,” she said. “I told him and Mrs. Sterling that he probably has Alzheimer’s.”

“What was his reaction?” asked Pierce O’Donnell, an attorney for Sterling’s wife.

“I’m hungry. I want to eat,” Platzer said.

Ah crap, that takes all the fun out of that, EXCEPT FOR NOT QUITE.

Sterling angrily denied [the Alzheimer’s diagnosis] on the witness stand.

“When I went to the Cleveland Clinic, they told me I was razor-sharp. I have five corporations and I run them every day,” he said.

Doctor fight + Lawyer fight + Racist LA Clippers owner = PROFIT

The court proceedings continue today, and you bet your racist-loathing butt we’re going to keep covering it, for justice, and for the lulz.

Obligatory Deadspin link: WWE announcer Jim Ross audio over video of Germany’s goals.

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