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Here we go again with another Thoroughly Manly Musical! In this episode, Super trooper Stan takes a chance on Mamma Mia!, the ABBA musical nobody asked for, and finds something that was clearly only made for money, money, money. Will Stan request an SOS, or will the experience bring out his inner dancing queen? Who cares? After spending this much time coming up with stupid ABBA references, we’re pretty sure he’s going to kill himself anyway.

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Stan Ferguson

Born in the Yukon to a family of Grizzlies, Stan was raised on a diet of show-tunes and compact cars until he was finally released upon an unsuspecting public who went on not suspecting anything and still do not suspect a thing to this day.

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  • The next Thoroughly Manly Musical–Moulin Rouge–will be brand new and it will be posted next week. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

    • Cristiona


  • quizzabella

    Thank you for making this supposed comedy actually funny with your review. Meryl Streep is always classy, but Julie Walters – you are so much better than this.
    (Dominic Cooper who played the the boyfriend was on British tv a couple of days ago promoting Capatain America and cringed when Mamma Mia was brought up, he admitted that he couldn’t sing for s**t. )
    Looking forward to Moulin Rouge!

  • cyberjohn

    Can’t wait to see you tear moulin rouge a new one. Also has anyone noticed that Pierce brosnan’s career has gone the toilet

  • PremierBlah

    You always deliver fine work Stan. But…didn’t we see this covered on the site already??? I know you probably did it independently from the other one on it, but it just feels like eating the same thing twice.

    • There are a couple reasons I wanted to get this, specifically, up on the site before Moulin Rouge. The ending bit is referenced in the beginning of the Moulin Rouge recap and for those who haven’t gone to the Blip site to watch my videos, it risks being a bit confusing.

      But yeah, there’s a great written review of Mamma Mia here on Agony Booth that–if anyone hasn’t–should be checked out ASAP. However, the benefit to having a video recap is you actually get to see a bit of the stupidity in action; plus it’s a totally different format where you can throw in quick absurd gags in the video.

      The benefit to the written recaps, of course, is that you can get further in depth with the subject. Unless you have far more time and resources than I do and can pull off a 90 minute review like Red Letter Media did with the Star Wars prequels.

      • Michael A. Novelli

        And of course the benefit to doing video recaps is that strange people offer you cocaine and high fives!

  • Sammy

    I quite enjoyed your review. I just wanted to kill the buzz by saying, tedium. Building tedium.

  • Voygarvi

    Not sure why people lambast modern musicals…the old ones were crap, too. West Side Story? I worship the ground Bob Wise walked on, but…what a load of poofy old rubbish! :) Sextette, Mae West’s last movie, is the only musical worth watching. I have spoken. Go about your day, citizens.

    • I’m starting with ones that I know pretty well–I actually have enjoyed doing musical theater myself. Other than that, some of those classics tend to be ungodly long. I’m not limiting myself to just bad ones or ones that I hate. I still joke on them, like I did with Jesus Christ Superstar (not posted on Agony Booth); but the problem with a great one like Fiddler on the Roof is that it would take forever to edit and would likely be a two-parter just because of the length of the movie. At this point, I really would prefer avoiding that hassle.

      • Michael A. Novelli

        Ah yes, the good old days of treading the pines. How I miss them.

        However, there is one thing I feel compelled to point out, is that in musical theatre, you don’t necessarily have to have a great singing voice, as long as your voice has character. As you can see from my A-Team video, I can’t sing for crap, but I got cast in Guys and Dolls because my voice was funny. (I wasn’t trying to hit the high notes then, though, so take that for what it’s worth…)

        • Yes, but it’s rare that you want the leading man to sound like Kermit the Frog in the midst of a dump.

          • Michael A. Novelli

            I’m sure there’s somewhere on the internet where they’d disagree with you…

  • The Crazy Fish

    Even though I know it was meant as a joke, I still want to mention: the noun form of tedious is tedium.

    Also, why can’t someone make a musical based on the works of the Black Eyed Peas? I want that to happen, not because I think it would be good (it wouldn’t) but because I think it could quite possibly literally destroy the Earth, and I want to test that theory.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      Why not? They made a musical out of Green Day…

  • Olaf_the_Lofty

    If we watch the video twice, do you get paid twenty cents twice? Or is it per “unique view”? I’d happily play it through again to support you – it doesn’t cost me anything extra.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      I’d reload the page first, just to be safe…

  • the.goldenfleece

    Throughly enjoyed this video in the most manly-esq way possible! Your best video to date Stan imo.

    I’ll admit that I LOVE Abba, I maintain that you have to be European to really enjoy Abba for what they are. I have refused to see this “musical” film, but might watch it now just for the larfs.

  • Pacal

    At last someone else who thinks ABBA was generally surgar coated drivel.

    ABBA sucked, sucks and will suck, now and forever world without end.

  • wheel

    The funniest thing related to this movie is Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French’s parady of this. Check it out on youtube.

  • wheel