RAW FEED: MAGFest 2014: Team Agony Booth Gets Drunk

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MAGFest 2014: Team Agony Booth Gets Drunk

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  • $36060516

    Since you did videos on the subject of Tourette’s with the purpose of educating people on the condition in the past, Yulia, I thought maybe it would be okay to ask this, but if I’m wrong I will feel very stupid for making you and everyone else uncomfortable and feel free anyone at Agony Booth to delete this post.

    The question I had was this: based on your videos on the subject, I thought you had frequent symptoms (if that is the correct term), but didn’t see any in this unedited video. Were you working hard to hold it back for the duration of filming, or it’s just something that comes and goes unpredictably or with stress?

    Again, I apologize if this was inappropriate to bring up in the context of a video that isn’t about the subject, and will learn my lesson if informed that this is rude. Was glad to see everyone having a good time.

    • MichaelANovelli

      As far as I know, she has indeed been working on it. She did pretty well while she was at MAGFest. ^_^

      • $36060516

        Very glad to hear of this no-doubt hard-won achievement. You came across in this here video like your everyday carefree Russian-American non-alcoholic Ukrainian malt-beverage drinking video reviewin’ gal, F.O.Q.! And the guys were fairly normal as well (at least as normal as possible while making videos for this site)! Rock on to you all.

        • FullofQuestions1

          They come and go. I was pretty relaxed that day at that moment. 🙂

          • $36060516

            Thanks for answering my impertinent query. I guess I’m a bit full of questions (and crap — mostly full of crap) myself. Glad you were all able to Voltron combine with your fellow Boothers for purposes of chilling and swilling!