Madam Secretary is no Sunday Night Football, but still strong in overall numbers in last night’s ratings

Sunday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. 16.6 million football fans watched an east coast matchup between the Giants and Eagles, allowing Sunday Night Football to score another easy win…

2. …and 13.6 million tuned in for the pregame as well.

3. Madam Secretary is commanding 11.5 million overall, but with such poor demo numbers, some people are whispering about cancellation already. Don’t listen—at least, not yet—because…


4. …The Good Wife is slightly behind Madam Secretary in overall numbers (10.3 million) and in the demo, and is CBS going to clear out its entire Sunday night slate? And replace it with what? Nah, CBS knows how to manage low-demo, high-viewership shows just fine.

5. Speaking of, CSI scored 8.9 million.

6. Once Upon a Time is strong in the demo with 7.9 million overall. (Recap here!)

7. And The Simpsons are listed with 7.3 million, but that number is likely overinflated because of football runover on the east coast. It’s probably going to be revised downward.

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