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It’s Film Renegado’s second anniversary! And what better way to celebrate than with more Danny Trejo? This is… Machete!

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    • Joseph Tedesco

      I agree! Happy second year anniversary!

  • Jay_Bay

    The power of TREJO flows thru you Renegado

  • MichaelANovelli

    Enjoy your second anniversary while you can, Jerry!  For my third is in a few months!


    • LindaMinda

      Weren’t you here longer than that?

      • MichaelANovelli

        Yes, but I’ve only had a video show since July, 2010.  But, I’ve officially been with the site since 2007.

        • I was gonna ask just that, you’ve been around for longer.

  • Gotta disagree with you on the message being heavy-handed. No wait, let me rephrase that. I agree that the message is heavy-handed, but I don’t agree that that’s a problem. Of course the message is over-the-top & in-your-face; the whole movie is over-the-top & in-your-face! That’s the point! It fits right in with the tone of the movie! It’s like complaining that Inglourious Bastards had a heavy-handed anti-nazi message. No shit it does!

    • Joseph Tedesco

      I agree with this, mainly because it makes Robert De Niro a caricature the same way Sam Jackson was in “Django Unchained.” What makes those films work are that they are exploitations. With that said, Robert De Niro was my second favorite character in the movie next to Machete! 

      • I like Don Johnson a bit more than De Niro in this, only because he’s having so much fun being evil, even more than Seagal!

        • MephLord

          Speaking of Seagal, that shot of him being impaled with the sword…the dude is really big around the belly now.  I hadn’t realized just how out of shape he has gotten.

          • He’s been out of shape since he’s latest movies xD

        • Joseph Tedesco

          I think it was when De Niro broke from character and turned into… Robert De Niro that really sold it to me! 

          I think he had a line that went “I hate the weather here.”

    • Well, think of it this way, the message is necesary, but coming from someone who lives in the country where this is happening this reminder just makes me feel uncomfortable, specially when there are people this over the top in the real world, living on the US. It just made me sad instead of having fun with the rest of the movie.

  • MephLord

    Am I the only one that was totally mesmerized every time Cheryl Chin was on the screen? 

    • Jay_Bay

      huh?  My eyes was on Lindsey Lohan -sigh-

      • D: You mean NOT Lindsay Lohan? Any shot of her naked is not really her. For realz

        • Jay_Bay

          Touche mi amigo

    • She was only in for a couple of minutes xD

  • Sofie Liv

    I love this movie, it was a lot of fun to watch! even as I as a person sitting on the other side of the earth is pretty far removed from the context..

    Also.. oppertunity dude, oppertunity, one of these days, we just need a cross-over.. or a in joke in one of our videos, where you have that rant. “Is that all I am to you? the Mexican guy?” and I jump in. “I know right, I have a personality! I am a person, but all they remember, it’s that danish chick.” “Drink up my friend.” “Skål.” 

    • MephLord

      Sofie do you plan on watching Thale when it comes out?  I realize it’s Norwegian and not Danish, but it looks to be a pretty good movie.  Not sure how close Norwegian is to Danish, but if it’s subtitled you could understand it and probably know the mythology. 

      And yes I plan on tying it into the Machete review I just thought I’d point out that Thale looks to be a movie that celebrates Scandinavian lore and horror in the same way that Machete is Mexican heroes and action-adventure. 

      What would make that crossover idea work even better would be for Johnny Oldschool to chime in and say “What am I to you?  A John Candy fan that drinks beer, eats bacon, watches hockey and builds igloos eh?”  And then the cricket sounds can begin when he goes back to playing a random NHL game.  Just to keep the stereotypes going around equally.

      • Sofie Liv

         Of cause I am going to watch it!

        The best way to describe the relationship between Denmark, Norway and Sweden is that we are brothers and sisters. When we meet each other at foreign places we always end up viewing it as. “We go special connection because you are from Norway and me Denmark.”

        We support each other lot, also in creative mediums, works together.. and keep on having a consitent banther and competetion complex going on, it’s a fun relationship. and I fully plan to watch that movie in cinema if available.

    • We truly are living stereotypes xD But at least we’re awesome at it!

  • edharris1178

    Happy 2nd, Jerry.  Great video.  I’m looking forward to the sequel too.

  • Nathan Forester

    One of your best reviews ever. It helps that this is the movie that made me a Trejo fan to begin with, I can’t explain it really…it just happened by itself in an almost supernatural sense.