MacGyver “Thief of Budapest” (part 3 of 3)

MacGyver explains that the watch contains valuable information. Reena responds by rubbing some of her drink onto his lips, then kissing him, which she claims is Gypsy lie-detecting magic or something. He remains robotic and impassive throughout, and wipes his mouth off when she’s done. Man, that’s cold.

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The most awkward seduction scene since Shane and Spike.

Reena asks what kind of information is in the watch. MacGyver takes a hairpin out of her hair, then bends it into a tiny loop and dips it into her drink. He holds the pin in front of the watch face, where the spies’ names are written, and we’re supposed to think that the droplet of liquid held in the loop is acting as a magnifying glass. However, the names are clearly legible without it, so the whole thing is completely pointless. And… really? They just wrote the names on the front of the watch? That is not subtle. That is not creative. I expected better from a Cold War double agent, I really did.

Caption contributed by Ms. Avery


As they try to discuss terms (MacGyver asks if Reena accepts plastic; she gets really offended for some reason), there’s some kind of commotion outside. They go to the door and see that Kossof and Messik, the only government agents in Budapest, are searching the bar. Reena announces that since MacGyver can’t afford to buy the watch, she’ll give it to him as a gift. In other words, if he takes the watch and fucks off right now, she might not get arrested.

So, MacGyver (well, actually a stuntman who looks nothing like him) climbs out the window and down the roof. He’s then met by Yana’s brother, who’s a taxi driver now. As they drive away, Yana pops up in the backseat and announces, “So, you owe us for helping you, right? We want to go with you to America! America! The US of A! Clint Eastwood! Coca-Cola! Girls just wanna have fun!” Yep, 10-year-old girls love Clint Eastwood.

MacGyver gets annoyed, and Yana’s brother looks very embarrassed, but won’t tell Yana to stop asking. After a minute, MacGyver groans and gives in, asking Yana’s brother to help by getting mechanic’s overalls for everyone. They’re going to steal some racecars. Yay!

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Multi-Part Article: MacGyver "Thief of Budapest"

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