MacGyver “Thief of Budapest” (part 2 of 3)

Sometime later, Yana’s family are in some kind of prison camp in the countryside, being marched out of a prefab at gunpoint. They’re followed by Messik and Kossof. “They confessed to everything, and to nothing. They tell a lie and lie about lying,” says Kossof. So… they said what, exactly? “Gypsies,” growls Messik. “They’re trying to protect the girl. She’s family.” Yes, what a strange thing for them to do.

Also, they’ve somehow found out MacGyver’s name. They decide to hold Yana’s family prisoner while they keep looking for him. Kossof wants to start torturing them, but the hitherto Gypsy-hatin’ Messik doesn’t like the idea, so Kossof says he’ll torture them tomorrow instead. Which means they’re obviously going to get rescued first.

Caption contributed by Ms. Avery

“And then, we’ll go kick some puppies!”

Yana and MacGyver are watching from the bushes a short distance away, and they spot her relatives, who have apparently been sentenced to… outdoor carpentry? Yana starts whistling, presumably some sort of super-secret Gypsy whistling signal, and MacGyver shushes her. Her father hears her, but when he tries to investigate, one of the prison guards starts being a jerk to him. Ethnic slurs and death threats are bandied about, and fisticuffs ensue.

“Why do they hate us?” asks Yana. MacGyver replies, “Some people are scared of anybody who runs free.” Ack. I mean, clearly the writers mean well here, but… Gypsies are not wildlife.

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Multi-Part Article: MacGyver "Thief of Budapest"

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