MacGyver “Thief of Budapest” (part 1 of 3)

Today’s MacGyver episode opens in a gigantic desert, where some nomads have set up camp. “Exotic” synth music plays. Inside one of the tents is a man in vaguely Genghis Khan-esque clothes, with the biggest, fakest moustache you’ve ever seen. Also in the tent: a white horse. Very Twin Peaks.

MacGyver "Thief of Budapest" (part 1 of 3)

As the man gets up and starts petting the horse, MacGyver VOs that there was a time when the worst thing you could say about a man was that he was a horse thief, and in some places that’s still true, “particularly when the horse that gets stolen belongs to a king, and it’s considered to be maybe the most expensive horse alive”. Well, in that situation, being the horse thief makes you pretty fucking badass; how is that an insult?

Moustache Man walks out into the camp, where his henchmen are standing guard. Some of them haven’t even managed to stick their fake beards on straight, which doesn’t bode well for their general henching (henchmenning?) abilities. And indeed, as soon as the lead henchman goes out of sight of the others, he’s grabbed by MacGyver and punched unconscious.

Mr. Moustache wanders off up a sand dune and starts waving his sword around theatrically.

Caption contributed by Ms. Avery


MacGyver expositions that when it’s a tribal leader who’s doing the horse-thievery, it can trigger a small war, which can turn into a big war, which is why he’s here to steal the horse back. At least this time, his horse-related ramblings are actually relevant, and not a strained analogy for bomb disposal.

Now dressed in the henchman’s turban and robe, MacGyver goes into the tent and pulls a saddle out of his bag, then starts putting it on the horse. Meanwhile, the moustache guy is doing some sort of wild ethnic sword dance. Oh, those crazy foreigners!

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Multi-Part Article: MacGyver "Thief of Budapest"
TV Show: MacGyver

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