MacGyver “Pilot” (part 4 of 4)

The pump switches on, and all the dry ice is safely vacuumed out. Uh… presumably along with all the oxygen? MacGyver and Spencer get out of the lab. Up in the computer room, everyone cheers. Gant tries to radio down to MacGyver, but can’t get through, and he then overhears someone saying that the soldiers are about to start “the launch procedure”, and wants to know what they’re talking about.

Charlie casually explains that neutralizing the acid won’t be enough—they’ll also have to form a seal to keep the chemicals out of the aquifer. Which is an elaborate euphemism for “this episode needs more narrative tension”. Luckily, blowing up the lab with an underground missile will solve both problems.

As a ticking timer appears onscreen (with 31 minutes to go), Gant tries to radio down and warn MacGyver. But it turns out MacGyver accidentally left his radio back in the lab. There’s that narrative tension!

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Multi-Part Article: MacGyver "Pilot"
TV Show: MacGyver

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  • John Berndt

    There are already a number of scientific problems with the pilot to Macgyver.
    1) Sulfuric Acid is indeed nasty stuff but the amount you see is far,far, far less than what you would need to actually poison a huge area like several states. It might be enough to poison the water for a dozen miles, at best.
    2) The water hose will almost certainly burst before it will be able to leverage a huge beam
    3) Sodium metal isn’t a high explosive and is unable to blow open a hole in the wall. Macgyver is in a lab and should be able to make much better explosives. Nitroglycerine comes to mind.

    • Dr Xenolan

      It’s true that he could have made a better explosive… but the producers of the show knew that too. They routinely fudged MacGyver’s explosive recipes on purpose, so that impressionable young viewers wouldn’t be able to duplicate them.