Macaulay Culkin’s Velvet Underground Cover Band Is 100% About Pizza And 100% Awesome

Macaulay Culkin's Velvet Underground Cover Band Is 100% About Pizza And 100% Awesome

Some days we scramble to find anything at all to write about on the internet. On other days, things drop in our lap and are so utterly perfect it is like God himself reached down and blessed us personally. Today is one of those days, because we now know there is a Macaulay Culkin-helmed pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band. You didn’t know you needed this in your life, did you? You totally need this in your life.

This thing is nine glorious minutes of nine glorious Velvet Underground/Lou Reed classics, all done up pizza stylee. Do they substitute “chew chew chew chew chew chew chew chew” for the “do do do do do do do do” part of “Walk on the Wild Side?” Of course they do! Do they turn the drug fiend classic “Waiting for My Man” into a stoner pizza fiend classic about waiting for the delivery man? OF COURSE THEY DO.

How much weed do you think it took to record this? We’re going with all the weed, Katie. All of it.

(hat tip Jezebel)

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  • Guest

    Not enough cow bell. (Sorry. Cowbell might actually bring some music into what is otherwise a sterile performance art disaster. Are those sweat socks boiling on the stove? Take a walk on the mild side, sugar!

    • beautifulmutant

      Oh, now, I don’t think that’s fair. This was never supposed to be performance art. This was amusing jackassing around with friends like you do. My day is brighter for it.